Archetypes and how they present within therapy

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22nd July 2022, 1.00pm - 3.00pm
Open to all
£ 10

The Sovereign, Magician, Warrior and Lover. You will learn what the key function of each is. What too much or too little energy might look like in the therapy room and how to obtain a healthy balance. Also, track the interaction and movement from one archetype to another within a session (nearly all start with the Magician (the story, history and setting out of where the work might go). The session may contain some personal experiential work/processes (especially if asked for).

CPD certificate is available for those that require/request one.

The session will NOT be recorded (nor posted anywhere) for confidentiality reasons. Bring paper and pens. 

I have been in full-time private practice for over twenty years and delivered trainings on various topics including anger management, Gestalt, archetypes and psychodrama, within many environments and online. I am an accredited psychotherapist and counselling and qualified supervisor. A facilitator within MKPUK and the Hampshire community of A Band of Brothers (mentoring for young offenders).

If you have a community that would be interested in a day workshop - please do let me know or pass on my details. 

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Hosted by Stefan Charidge

I have been in full-time private practice for over 20 years and delivered trainings on various topics including Anger Management, Gestalt, Architypes and Psychodrama. I am an accredited psychotherapist, counselling supervisor. Do follow for updates via:https:


Hosted by Stefan Charidge

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