Accredited workshop: Transference - the what not the why

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Ongoing, 9.30am - 4.30pm
Counsellors and trainees
Flexspace, Monckton Rd, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 7AS

In counselling and other therapeutic engaging support, and helping of others, there is a connection or transaction which takes place between the two parties. This is called transference (as well as bonding, therapeutic alliance, etc).

In this process of transference, it is a communication which is being transmitted between the people involved at a sub-level of communication, not by words or body language but by the more subtle aspect of feelings, emotions, or energy exchange. This might sound really bizarre but think of it this way if you would walk into a room where people have had some really traumatic news, say being made redundant. Without any words being exchanged, you would feel slightly less energetic, possibly more low in mood or depressed just by being in the room. This is what we would call transference.

Why you may ask would this be helpful to me in my work or personal life?

If you can increase your awareness, no matter what the environment you are entering into, then you can use that awareness or information stream to be more present and be able to interact more helpfully to the people or person you are engaging with. Better still, not just being aware but more so able to read that information stream could give you valuable information which you could use constructively.

This days training will not only make you more aware of this transference but also take you down the journey of being more aware of the reality of what you are engaging within your everyday life with the people around you.

Come and join me in this fascinating world of transference.

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