Abuse - working with clients safely and congruently

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3rd November 2022, 10.00am - 4.30pm
Counsellors and trainees
£50 inc VAT

Ian comes to this workshop with over 20 years’ experience of working with clients who have or are experiencing abuse in their lives. Indeed, his first client had abuse as a background trigger to their issues around low confidence and self-esteem. This work experience started his journey of knowledge and awareness in this most difficult, heart-wrenching but most rewarding work.

His awareness, knowledge and understanding that he has gained over those years will be fully shared with you on this workshop and some of the scenarios which give indications of an abuse process are explored below, although there are many more.

In our work, how many times have you had the intuitive feeling that something is not helping the connection with the client, something is getting in the way? Sometimes it might be the interruption to the work, client no shows or late attendance, maybe it’s that the client becomes awkward in communicating or seems to resort to childish behaviour.

Maybe the works seems half-completed or doesn’t have a flow to it, jumping around with no consistency to the work. These and many more aspects of the interactive process of our client work shows signs of something more, something not being worked, something getting the way of the work. This could be cemented in an abusive aspect to the client's life.

In this powerful CPD, which focuses on the interactive inclusion of practice skills and constructive solutions:

  • It gives you tools to identify the clues and signs of knowing abuse is a feature of the work.
  • It gives you real tools to help engage with and support clients who are or have experienced abuse.
  • It explores the subconscious drives and triggers which influence the client's life.
  • It gives you different models of working with different types of abuse.
  • It looks at creating better more appropriate working alliances making it client led work.
  • It gives you interactive processes to help release and work with the difficult emotions and memories which will surface.
  • It gives you productive and successful ways to help process and heal those influences to make the future more secure and controllable.
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Hosted by Ian Wallace

Ian has over 13,500 hours of professional clinical practice with all combinations of Clients. He works from an intuitive basis and has the Client's needs at the heart of his work. He has been Counselling since 2002 and teaching since 2012 and has qualifications for Counselling, Teaching, Coaching and Supervision.

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