A workshop in wellness skills using the practices of Capacitar

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23rd May 2022, 10.30am - 3.30pm
Open to all
£85 / Student £65

Learn these healing skills to empower professionals and clients, to attend better to self-care and to live in well-being, no matter what is happening around us.

About this event

Attention to our self-care is essential in our professions, in order to prevent burnout and to enable us to be fully present for our clients, but it can be difficult to regularly fit care of self into our busy lives. 

Capacitar well-being practices are easy to learn, easy to use and easy to share.

The health of body, mind and emotions is continuously affected by trauma, violence, weather, diet, environment, daily news and the challenges of life. Capacitar healing practices can empower us to live with peace and well-being no matter what is happening around us.

The practices can be used with individuals or with groups, when we feel drained, scattered or depressed. These tools are for all of us whether we are survivors of trauma, caregivers working with others, or individuals feeling overwhelmed and stressed by daily life. The challenge is to build these practices into our lives and lifestyle so they become second nature to us and can be used by us and our clients, when we are aware of trauma stress, depression, anxiety, tiredness or loss of balance in our lives. 

Practices will include:

  • gentle movements based on Tai Chi
  • tapping on acupressure points using Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • body scan, guided visualisation and meditation
  • Pal Dan Gum to release and balance energy
  • balancing the chakras (energy centres in the body)
  • finger holds to reduce intensity of emotions

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Hosted by Audrey Smith

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