8 week mindfulness for health course

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6th September - 1st November 2022, 11.00am - 2.00pm
Open to all
£275 (individual), £195 (concessionary for those earning under £18,000 per year).

What will I be learning?

During the course, participants will learn to:

1. Use the breath as a foundation for the whole course. 

2. Be able to inhabit the body with awareness as it moves — both within formal mindful movement sessions and in all the small and large movements of daily life. You will experience directly how the quality of awareness you bring to movement affects your experience/physical condition. 

3. Bring mindfulness into daily life through learning how to pace your activities appropriately. 

4. Bring a tender and kindly attitude to  your pain or other unpleasant sensations and soften resistance.

5. Appreciate and enjoy pleasurable experiences. 

6. Cultivate kindness and equanimity towards themselves through the cultivation of broad awareness. 

7. Cultivate kindness and equanimity towards others.

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Hosted by Dr Ella Sherlock

Dr Ella Sherlock (BSc, ClinPsych & Breathworks Accredited Mindfuless Teacher)


Hosted by Dr Ella Sherlock

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