7th EFT summer school: EFT-newcomers cohort

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1st - 3rd July 2022, 10.00am - 5.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
£250 for three days

"‘It's never too late' - love, survival and healing in families and relationships"

7th EFT International Summer School, 1st-3rd July (half-day on the 3rd), via Zoom.

Learn how to work with conflicting and painful emotions, that drive people's behaviour and create negative interactional patterns in couples, individuals and families. Learn powerful Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approach with the EFT-newcomers cohort at the 7th EFT summer school.

Presenters: Gulya Diyarova, London, UK, MSc Tavistock, Certified EFT therapist and supervisor, Reg. UKCP, Acc. COSRT, director of EFT International School and EFT Clinic in London, and Dr Laura Vowels, MBACP, Switzerland.

Dr Sandra Taylor, Acc. BACP, EFT trainers, UK, with Masterclass: Getting Curious – What just happened there? In session with real couples.


Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in Action, Road Map to Emotional Healing: An outline of the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy with Couples, Families and Individuals.

In this excellent introduction to the theory and practice of EFT by Gulya Diyarova, participants will get a clear sense of what the EFT model is and its well-researched effectiveness as a therapeutic approach. Gulya will walk participants through the model’s stages and steps, showing how to focus on the attachment significance of a couple’s struggle and distress, to stay gently and steadily with partners’ vulnerable emotions and fears, and lead them into connectedness and a secure bond with each other.

Participants will engage in experiential exercises, skills and interventions practice, and discussion of clinical examples and video demonstrations of couple sessions.

  • Do your clients question if their partners are there for them?
  • Do they wonder about their partner’s accessibility?
  • Do they question the responsiveness of their partner when they need them?

This attachment-based, experiential, humanistic and systemic model offers a comprehensive theory of adult love, as well as a structured therapeutic “road map” to conflict reduction and the healing of damaged attachment bonds with the aim of creating safe emotional connection between partners.

The model recognises that relationship distress results from an actual, or perceived threat to the basic adult need for safety, security and closeness in intimate relationships. Couples in conflict tend to lose themselves in reactive emotions or withdraw into non-responsiveness and shutting down. Both behaviours become part of a negative cycle that leaves the partners hurt, alone and disconnected.

Using the power of emotion as a target and agent of change, EFT focuses on helping partners re-structure the emotional responses that maintain habitual negative interactional patterns. Once vulnerable emotions are owned and shared by each partner, trust and meaningful connection can be re-established in a safe way through the corrective emotional experience that occurs during the session.

A substantial body of research outlining the effectiveness of EFT now exists, with research studies finding that 70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery, and around 90% show significant improvement.

This introductory training will include an exploration of:

  • The key concepts of Emotionally Focused Therapy.
  • The language of emotions – core primary emotions and attachment needs.
  • Understanding of Internal Working Models, Attachment Styles.
  • Most common Negative Cycles of relationship distress.
  • Stages and steps of the EFT model including the key change events in the process of therapy.
  • EFT interventions on the basis of clinical material including video clips of live therapy sessions.
  • How to work with the couple’s vulnerable emotions by tracking their underlying interactional pattern and helping them to flexibly manage their emotional experience.

Participants will engage in experiential exercises, skills and interventions practice, and discussion of clinical examples and video demonstrations of couple sessions.
Masterclass: Getting Curious – What just happened there? In session with real couples. 

Join Dr Sandra Taylor at her master class - EFT therapist in session with real couple, for a vibrant and informative discussion as we get curious about her work in session playing an example of her work, while she pauses and participants can ask questions about what therapeutic interventions she uses and why.
Sandra has chosen a video related to their key area of interest to share with you which is focused on working with LGBTQ+ people.

Participants can proceed to the EFT-TRAINED COHORT, 6th-9th July - at preferential rate!

Find out more and book your place at eftinternationalschoollondon.com.

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Hosted by Gulya Diyarova

WWW.EFTINTERNATIONALSCHOOLLONDON.COM EFT International School was set up to promote Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). We offer EFT trainings, events and conferences and work with leading EFT academics and experts. Our 4th EFT International SUMMER SCHOOL in June/July 2019 is eagerly awaited by EFT beginners and EFT clinicians around the world!


Hosted by Gulya Diyarova

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