Dr Jessica Bolton, Thrive PPP Ltd

Dr Jessica Bolton, Thrive PPP Ltd

61 Boldmere Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B73 5XA

0121 355 8267 / 07842 756824

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61 Boldmere Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B73 5XA

0121 355 8267 / 07842 756824

About us

Thrive Psychology Psychotherapy Psychoeducation are a team of Clinical Psychologists specialising in compassionate and effective psychological therapy, for a wide range of common and complex problems.

Based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and Leicester - whatever your difficulties, we treat you as an individual, and work collaboratively with you to understand your problems within the unique context of your life. We work with you to develop your goals and think about the best way to help you move forward. Your treatment will be individually tailored to meet your needs in order to make and maintain the changes you seek.

Our strength lies in our ability to develop and maintain authentic and trusting relationships within which true connection with self and others can be nurtured and celebrated; disconfirming past relational experiences and opening the possibility of psychological healing and relational connection through caring and curious exploration of inner experiences.

We offer assessments, written reports, psychotherapy, and workshops tailored to help you connect with yourself, others and your world.

Our specialised online resources will also support you to get the most out of therapy, just a taster is shared so far on our website - the rest are coming soon.

Training, qualifications & experience

Dr Jessica Bolton, D Clin Psy, Ba (Hons) Oxon

Jessica is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years of experience in university, NHS and independent mental health settings. Jessica has specialist knowledge and experience working with teenagers and adults with a wide range of psychological difficulties. As a clinical psychologist, she has a degree in psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology and she has been trained as a experiential dynamic psychotherapist and in the broadest variety of psychological techniques to reduce suffering and increase mental well-being. She has had specific training in a broad range of therapies including cognitive, behavioural and dynamic therapies.  She is also a practitioner, trainer and supervisor in Experiential Dynamic Therapy.

As Director, she welcomes you to Thrive Psychology Psychotherapy PsychoEducation Ltd.

We are a team of Clinical Psychologists and Play Therapists specialising in compassionate and effective psychological therapy and psycho-education, for a wide range of common and complex problems, and to help everyone live fulfilling lives.

Whatever your situation, we treat you as an individual, and work collaboratively with you to understand you within the unique context of your life. We work with you to develop your goals and think about the best way to help you move forward. Your treatment will be individually tailored to meet your needs in order to make and maintain the changes you seek.

At Thrive we create opportunities for profound connection.
We help you thrive by encouraging you to fully access the extraordinary uniqueness of you and your emotional systems.

We work together as you explore, create safeness, assert, connect, care, play and feel good.  These seven basic emotional systems are key.  If you can feel and enact these in ways that align with your values, you can thrive.

We do this by seeing beyond diagnosis, to you as a whole person.
Diagnoses in mental health are based on symptoms, behaviours or experiences identified by professionals at a specific time-point.  Some can find this helpful and some can find this hindering.  Unlike physical health, diagnoses in ‘mental health’ are less likely to be based on cause.

At Thrive PPP we are mindful of cause and what interventions will lead you forward, with you at the helm and with us right next to you.  So whatever the diagnoses you may have been given in the past, we see you as a person first and foremost, and we connect with you on this level, not symptoms or labels.

We do this by going beyond all the models of therapy we have learnt, to connect person to person, heart to heart.  Using our expertise to show you a route to connect despite barriers.
Psychologists and psychotherapists are always trained in specific models of treatment, from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to EMDR to, the model we all have a background in at Thrive, EDT (Experiential Dynamic Therapy).  The evidence is that whilst adhering to a model can influence the outcome, the person of the client and the person of the therapist has a much more significant influence.  So we aim high for an authentic, attuned connection, whilst helping you honour and express your emotions, your narrative and regulating your anxiety.  We are also passionate about getting feedback from you every step of the way.  This combination has the best chance overall of gaining good outcomes.

We don’t expect you to always know in words what is going on, what the problem is or what the solution is.  Sometimes we know but when we don’t, our work goes beyond words to the wisdom of the body, helping integrate all parts of you.
Talking therapies help, but bodywork complements therapy significantly especially when there are barriers that may come up time and time again in our life.  We want to change but find that changes we make are short-lived; we talk the talk but struggle to walk the walk.  Using feedback from your body… for instance, where you hold your pain, how you hold yourself, or how you hold back or fiddle when asked specific questions, can give you insight into more of yourself than your thoughts or words can give you alone.  It’s a rich journey into your emotional truth to the best of you, and we will be honoured to join you along the way.

Free 20 minute consultation to talk about your needs? Contact us to set up a time to talk.
Get in touch, the help you need is more affordable than you think.

Helping people change with life changing therapy.

To bring the most passionate and dedicated therapists to work with people who need their help. Fostering deep, lasting change as rapidly as possible, and delivering therapeutic work that facilitates personal growth beyond the ending of therapy.

At Thrive PPP we support our therapists to take the position of the eternal learner, always curious to learn even more about the most effective ways to help those who are struggling with emotional distress. We strive for excellence to enable you to thrive, but we can only do this in an equal and connected relationship with you.

To provide our clinicians with the support and training they need to thrive whilst helping others to heal and thrive. To dedicate ourselves to effectively use clinical data and feedback to continually adapt and improve our service.

To care, to connect, to learn, and to be effective.

British Psychological Society (BPS)
We are Chartered members of British Psychological Society (BPS). ‘Chartered’ refers to the level of membership awarded by the BPS. It reflects the society’s gold standard in terms of psychological knowledge, expertise and commitment to ethical standards of practice. Chartered members are listed on the BPS website.

Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
We are registered as Clinical Psychologists, which is a legally protected title requiring registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). This ensures that those using this title have completed the correct training and meet the required standards. To remain on the register, professionals are required to keep their skills and knowledge up to date through continued professional development. Registered professionals are listed on the HCPC website.

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Other areas of counselling we deal with

Connection - wanting more connections (social, relational, familial, work etc) or wanting deeper connections with others.

Adjustment to motherhood, fatherhood, step-parenthood, marriage, retirement, work, relocation, loss of any kind.

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Varied fee structure with workshops starting at £30 and up to £120 per hour for our most experienced psychologist.

First telephone consultant session is free.

Further information

Essential to our success working with people experiencing psychological distress, including those who have survived multiple traumas, are our skills for assessing psychological capacity moment by moment; with highly focused attention to, and attunement with the person’s embodied experience of anxiety and emotion, and their unique use of behavioural and linguistic coping strategies. This caring and precise attention to sub-conscious cues allows us to ensure that people remain within their capacity for growth whilst experiencing deep emotional connection with their authentic selves.

Why consider therapeutic work at all?

Because emotional pain is as legitimate as physical pain, and dealing with your emotional pain sometimes requires assistance from another. Because your mind and body are inexorably linked, what affects your mind will affect your physical health and what affects your body will affect your mental health. Because you can spend years reliving and re-experiencing the same problems over and over again, particularly in your close relationships. Because the progress you can make with professional help is generally much quicker than attempting to cope alone; sometimes by a matter of years.

I’ve been looking at a number of therapists, how do I choose which one to see?

Generally there are two main factors related to successful therapy. The first is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the person seeking assistance. Without a good therapeutic relationship, it is unlikely that therapeutic interventions will be effective. Therefore, it is important you choose somebody that you feel comfortable with. To do this, you may decide to contact or see a number of therapists before committing to one.

The second factor relates to professional competence and the degree to which they have invested the time and energy it requires to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to help those seeking therapy. To gauge this, it is advisable to read what they have to say, contact them with any questions you have, and ensure they are professionally registered.

Maps & Directions

Sutton Coldfield, B73 5XA

Type of session

Online counselling: No
Telephone counselling: No
Face to face counselling: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: No


12-6pm Tuesday, 8-2pm Wednesday and Friday.

Types of client

Young people
Older adults
Employee Assistance Programme

Supervision & training

Dr Jessica Bolton, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Experiential Dynamic Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer.

Online supervision:Yes
Telephone supervision:No
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