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The Life Academy
3 Greenhill Park,
EH10 4DW

Complementary Healthcare Clinic
98 Thornhill Road

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About me

Hi I'm Stuart, a multi-modal psychotherapist, trained and accredited to graduate and post graduate levels in a number of different therapy models.

I believe in providing a caring, supportive space for my clients while using research evidenced core methods for clinical effectiveness. These are combined into a blend of eastern and western psychology methods to enable a holistic but effective experience for my clients and couples.

I have over 26 years experience, and I will happily give honest and authentic options from the start. Before you are invited to an initial assessment, you will be sent screening forms, which enable me to ensure the service is right for you. I will honestly tell you if I do not think the service is right for you. The initial assessment is of course charged for.

I am not interested in short term issues, my focus is on longer term more complex issues.

Specialist areas:

  • Complex PTSD and other Trauma including dis-associative disorders. My approach is integrative and includes somatic processing, neurological (including polyvagal theory), and guided by attachment theory and eastern psychology (including mindfulness and compassion)
  • Personal Identity
  • Domestic, sexual, psychological and other abuse including gas-lighting
  • Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)
  • Relationship abuse
  • Couples Counselling, long term issues
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Long term personal development
  • Long term depression
  • Long term Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Eating Disorders

I am multi modal and integrative, however my most specialist areas of therapy model application are:

  • Personal development through psychoanalysis
  • Long term condition change through Cognitive Behavioural Analysis
  • Stress management using MBSR, analytic and mindful techniques
  • Anger Management through analysis and CBT
  • Holistic Trauma work through psychoanalysis, analytic hypnotherapy, mindfulness, parts work, attachment, trauma processing, somatic, and integrative body mind trauma processing.

How I work:

As a therapist, I have been through personal trauma myself and have personal as well as professional interest in a number of the specialities I work in. I am multi-modal in nature, meaning I have graduate or post-graduate training in a number of different models of therapy that can be used separately or in an integrated manner. I am especially dedicated to western psychodynamic methods combined with eastern humanistic methods. I believe in using honesty with my clients (Disciplined Personal Involvement) while maintaining a safe environment, balancing the analytic challenge, with unconditional positive regard. The goal is to be holistic and kind but clinically effective.

When working with trauma related issues, I use an integrative approach, addressing both emotional pain (often displayed in body symptoms or feelings) and understanding/change processes.

I actively work with eastern and western philosophical models, and I am part of the Pink Therapy and Rainbow Therapy groups, working as a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner with LGBT*, Queer, Poly, Kink and BDSM groups. I have worked with transgender and those returning to their original gender. I accept clients from all groups for my specialist areas of Trauma etc.  I also work with persons of faith, adapting where appropriate to incorporate their beliefs and philosophy into the change process. I have studied various faith models both informally and at the undergraduate level, as well as through personal exploration.

I accept couples and individuals. I work with persons with medical diagnosis including anxiety, depression, PTSD, Complex PTSD, OCD, personality disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and other mental health conditions. I also work with stress and anger management. The underpinning NICE and research rationals for treatment provided is detailed at the website listed. Psychological treatments are not a substitute for medical attention and if you suspect you have a mental health issue you should consult your GP as well as seeking talking therapy support.

Getting started:

I offer an initial assessment (charged for), which enables us to gain a beginning of understanding into your problems, and this helps us to plan a guided but flexible approach around methods that match your needs, your preferred style of therapy, and while keeping to a process that will be effective and clinically appropriate. It then takes several sessions to gain a fuller sense of your issues and underlying patterns and needs. Once you commit to therapy, you will be allocated a regular weekly or fortnightly time slot for which you will be responsible (allowance is made for holidays and work commitments).

Simply email me to request your free information, and for a free, no obligation and confidential chat to see if I can help.

Training, qualifications & experience


  • CNHC Registered (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)
    (voluntary regulator and PSA AR under Hypnotherapy)
  • Fully accredited Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists (Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching)
  • Fellow of the International Council of Psychotherapists (Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching)
  • Accredited Practitioner of the National Association of Counsellors Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists (Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Humanistic and Mindfulness based Therapy)
  • Full Practitioner member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Registered as a qualified practitioner for Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Emmet
  • Mindfulness Association: Mindfulness including Compassion and Acceptance-based
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health: Psycho-education and Public Health
  • Guild of Holistic Therapists (Body-mind work: Acupressure and Seated Massage)
  • UKAHPP Ordinary level Practitioner, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, only applies to humanistic work.

I have regular personal therapy and engage in professional development training and supervision. My primary registrations for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, counselling and hypnotherapy are with the National Council of Psychotherapists (Fellow) and National Association of Counsellors Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists (full accredited practitioner).

My background and qualifications:

After completing a BSc(Hons) in IIT specialising in human resources and analytic modelling including SSADM, I began my therapy training post graduation: I trained 1993-96 with a diploma in Humanistic, psychodynamic and Cognitive behavioural psychoanalysis and clinical hypnotherapy. Externally validated via City & Guilds NVQ (Part 1 Mini award C21, D32, Part 2 C25, Part 3 Full level 4). T&D level 4 (QCF level 5). This is an approved CHNC PSA AR route (Hypnotherapy via SSM). This was a graduate level award.

Further accreditation 1999-2002 NACHP (National Association of Counsellors Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists) in humanistic counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychoanalysis, and clinical hypnotherapy. Humanistic component designed in conjunction with HIPC. CHNC PSA AR route (Hypnotherapy). This was above level 5 and a post graduate level award.

More recent accreditation process with the National Council of Psychotherapists, and their sister organisation the International Council of Psychotherapists (for international work), first as a Senior Accredited Practitioner, and then promoted to Fellow. CHNC PSA AR route (Hypnotherapy). Areas: Psychoanalysis, Humanistic Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Life Coaching.

Extensive personal and professional training and study of eastern psychology including Mindfulness. Listed on the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) who also hold a PSA AR as a practitioner providing Hypnotherapy, EMMETT and Mindfulness Therapy, and on their PSA AR under Hypnotherapy.

I am a registered practitioner with the Mindfulness Association, requiring me to commit personally and professionally to ongoing and daily mindfulness practice. I am therefore actively engaged in practising what I preach!

I have completed 2 University certificates of education (undergrad) certification with the University of Lampeter, and Edinburgh University in related subjects. Additional study includes a BA(Hons) Open in Philosophy, politics and psychology topics, a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Psychology, and a MSc Psychology. MSc speciality areas: identity and neurology (brain and behaviour)

CPD level awards include:  Life coaching (lvl 3), NLP (lvl 3), psychotherapy (lvl 2 & 4), Grief counselling (lvl 3), Hypnotherapy (lvl 4), Sidereus Hypnosis, Mental Health (lvl 4), MBCT, MBSR, Mindfulness, CBT, meditation. Psycho-education qualifications include NVQ Level 4 T&D in context of complementary health education. Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health. Fellow of the Institute of Health Promotion and Education.

Body work trained a seated Acupressure massage practitioner (Diploma qualified) and a Chi Gung Practitioner (Lvl 3) and Martial Artist (5th Dan).

I have completed extensive complex PTSD training updates and continue to do so. I am particularly focused on attachment based therapy and Integrative Trauma based training updates since this is a specialist area of mine.

Every year I usually complete between 30 and 100 hours of Continuous professional development, often largely at university, otherwise specific clinical and holistic therapy awards. I also receive ongoing individual and peer supervision and personal / group based therapy.

Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Other areas of counselling I deal with

I am also I have a particular interest in different cultural groups and their intersection (I specialised in identity and neurology in my MSc Psychology), and frequently work with different faiths, gender identities, non neurotypical, and sexual identities such as LGBT*, BDSM, Queer, Kink and people who have worked within strong cultural industries such as the security forces, health professions and Armed forces. I have contributed journal articles on political ethics, institutionalised attitudes, politics of the industry, cognitive behavioural analysis, and regulation, as well as several clinical reviews.

I am also involved in complex PTSD ongoing training and research.

I am also very interested in different identity areas, gender, history, ethnicity, sexuality and personal development.

Search Terms include:

  • Complex PTSD holistic treatment
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  • Anger Management Edinburgh
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  • Psychotherapy for eating disorders Edinburgh
  • Psychotherapy for eating disorders Falkirk

Photos & videos

  • Mindfulness Association Practitioner
  • Basic Introduction
  • NACHP registered and accredited
  • National Council of Psychotherapists
  • Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • CNHC registered therapist (Hypnotherapy)


Free information pack for all enquiries including most up to date fees fully itemised.

3 Level fee

Highest rate: High rate of Income Tax

Mid Rate: Working and Students, 3rd Sector employees, NHS employees (lower levels) and UK Armed forces (including veterans).

Lowest rate: Benefits & SAAS paid students (waiting list)

Simply email me and ask for our free information, and a free, no obligation and confidential chat to see if I can help.

In financial trouble that does not fit a neat bracket. Email me and ask.

Published articles

Further information

The therapy process:

The process of therapy is often likened to a journey. The therapist accompanies the client(s) on a journey of self-discovery and change, hopefully leading to personal development and resolution of issues. The word therapist comes from the meaning of a person walking with someone. This journey is often broken down into three stages: Self-awareness (working out what is going on / has happened), self-acceptance (letting go of self-blame, guilt and anger), and self-responsibility (positive change processes). The Journey tends to go through these stages repeatedly as progress is made. Some clients only need short term interventions of 6-18 sessions, other clients have long term or deep-rooted problems that require long term work together. Either way regular attendance, usually weekly or fortnightly is required to “keep the conversation live” (maintain the clinical effectiveness and momentum of change).

  • Trauma, PTSD and Complex PTSD. I have particular interest and experience in working with all forms of trauma, from Child sexual abuse and Domestic violence to other sexual violence, incest, psychological violence and Battlefield Trauma
  • Clinical cases: if you have a diagnosis such as anxiety or depression, then we can have a conversation about how various therapy methods might be appropriate.
  • Non-clinical counselling. I welcome cases of personal development, identity and self understanding, and respond with analytic and cognitive behavioural models as appropriate.
  • I combine Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology models. This includes mindfulness, acceptance, compassion based models such as MBCT and MBSR.
  • Student counselling and psychotherapy -  Part of my client base at any one time is about one-third students, and I have personal experience of graduate and postgraduate study.
  • LGBT* BDSM Queer Kink and non-traditional (see below) is a speciality area
  • Non-neuro typical e.g. dyslexia stress, high functioning adult autism etc also a speciality.
  • I only deal with weekly or fortnightly committed clients willing to engage on a regular basis, booking their slot and understanding our policy of
    "your time is yours to attend or miss, but it is charged for"

Multimodal is similar to integrative therapy, in that it combined multiple therapy models where appropriate. However, where Integrative therapists are often core trained in one model and use others as well, Multi-Modal therapists are core trained in MULTIPLE CORE MODELS. In my case, I am NACHP fully accredited in:

  • Psychoanalytic (psychodynamic, hypnoanalytic / analytical hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural analytic, systems analytic, mindfulness-based analytic),
  • Cognitive behavioural (CBT, CBASP, MBCT, CBH, DBT),
  • Humanistic (eastern and western psychology models including mindfulness and Zen mindfulness: Naikan, Morita, Satori), and
  • Clinical hypnotherapy (hypno-analysis or analytic hypnotherapy, Ericksonian and cognitive behavioural). I am especially experienced and interested in hypnoanalytic and psycho-analytic work. Hypnosis based psychoanalysis is very useful in processing repressed trauma, and body-mind linked information.

Voluntary Positions and professional life:

I am actively involved in the politics of our profession as a member of the Alliance of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union. I have held several roles for professional bodies in advisory, board, development and ethics capacities, and am currently the Scotland Representative of the NACHP, and on the Advisory Board of the SFT Register.

I am also a voluntary rep with the PCU (Psychotherapy and Counselling Union)

I am published in a major work on the future of the profession by John Lees, and I regularly contribute journal articles to publications including Self and Society, where I have a regular column. If you search for Stuart Morgan-Ayrs online you will be able to easily see mention of my journal publications.

Maps & Directions

Edinburgh, EH10 4DW
Falkirk, FK2 7AB

Type of session

Online counselling: Yes
Telephone counselling: Yes
Face to face counselling: Yes
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: German


Accessibility information
Wheelchair access: Yes

In Edinburgh we have single level access and are working on wheelchair access. In Falkirk access is single level.


Please email me initially, once booked I will provide my telephone number to all clients once booked.

Types of client


Supervision & training

Over 25 years experience of clinical psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling, including more than 15 years providing training and supervision.

Online supervision:Yes
Telephone supervision:Yes
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