Ruth Woodley, Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling, MBACP

Ruth Woodley, Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling, MBACP

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Pillaton, Near Saltash

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07790 618574

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Pillaton, Near Saltash

07790 618574

About me

Welcome to my profile. Please also see my welcome video below. I am an experienced registered integrative counsellor, psychotherapist, coach, trainer and supervisor. I work with individuals (both adults and young people), couples and groups (including organisations). Appointments are available face-to-face, over Skype or the telephone.

My approach is holistic and integrative, based on your needs.

For more information, please see my website -

My work base is in Pillaton, South East Cornwall, which is within 15-30 minutes of Callington, Saltash, Liskeard, Launceston and Plymouth.

My background includes general and mental health nursing, health and social care roles in the public, private and voluntary sectors, including counselling, psychotherapy, supervision, weight management, training, coaching, business, management and leadership roles.

In my 20’s I rowed internationally for Great Britain during the 1980’s, competing in world championships and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, which has led me to my interest in sport, coaching and mindfulness in sport.

Training, qualifications & experience

I have the following qualifications -

  • Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling (Iron Mill College, Exeter)
  • Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (The Reach Approach, West Midlands)
  • Certificate in Couples and Relationship Counselling (Exeter & East Devon Counselling Training)
  • Registered Nurse - General and Mental Health (The Royal London Hospital)
  • Diploma in Nursing Studies (Plymouth University)
  • First Class (Honours) BSc Degree in Health Studies (Nursing), including communication, counselling, supervision & health education (Plymouth University)
  • Master of Business Administration (Plymouth University)
  • Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

During my nursing career, I have completed many short courses and training sessions which include person centred therapy; group therapy; family therapy; solution focused therapy; brief therapy; motivational interviewing to enable behaviour change; mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy. In March 2015, I completed a 2-day problem gambling counselling course with Gamcare, with annual updates since, to equip me to work with individuals & their families who have a problem with gambling.

For many years I worked as a Mental Health Nurse, enabling people who have a serious and enduring mental health problem, to stay as well as possible. This included working with people who had problems with under-eating, over-eating and drug and alcohol problems. I have over 30 years experience of supervising colleagues' work. 

I have also worked as a Nurse Specialist in an NHS provided two-year weight management programme for people who have a serious overweight problem. This motivational work, including individual and group work, supporting people to achieve life-style changes, through making regular small goals, whilst exploring their barriers to change.

I find that the beauty of my work as a Registered Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Coach, Supervisor & Trainer working with The Reach Approach, it enables me to utilise all of the varied training that I have completed over the years, to work in an integrative and holistic way, enabling each client to make the changes in their lives that they wish to make.

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Upcoming events

GROW with a little LOVE

We hold regular mother/father and daughter/son different combination one-day workshops.

Venue - Pillaton, near Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6QS

Price - £100 per 2 people. Includes the workshop activities, all materials and refreshments, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, home-made cake and vegetarian lunch. 

These small group workshops enable people to explore, nurture & celebrate their relationship in a safe and creative environment. Utilising The Reach Approach we use a variety of creative tools to enable communication and honesty.

The workshops are facilitated by Ruth Woodley, a Reach Counsellor, supported by her daughter Juliet Woodley, who is a BA Drama & Theatre Studies degree graduate.

For more information & to book a place, phone Ruth on 07790 618574
or email


Meditation & relaxation groups

Periodically, we offer the opportunity to join an experiential group, to explore a variety of meditation & relaxation techniques to help you relax & achieve a better life-balance.

For more information & to book a place, phone Ruth on 07790 618574
or email

Venue – Pillaton, near Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6QS

Photos & videos

  • Mother & daughter workshop, 8.11.14
  • A Dip into Meditation in Cornwall flyer
  • Hello from Ruth Woodley
  • Ongoing monthly meditation & relaxation sessions


Individual counselling, psychotherapy & coaching - £40 for a full hour

Couples & relationship counselling - £40 for a full hour.

Group work & training - varied prices.

Supervision - £40 per hour, £60 per 1.5 hours.

Please do ring or email me to discuss your needs.

Further information

What makes Reach different?

We believe that ‘synergy is the panacea for all ills’ - in other words, it is unlikely that we can find the solution to our problems from one approach or in one place. To really meet our needs we need to look at all areas of our life. We also believe that no one body of knowledge offers us the insight required to take that journey. Therefore, Reach is a holistic and integrative philosophy that enables that process to happen in a supportive environment, offering sustainable solutions that can get you back in the driving seat of your life.

We work using the Story of Health -


The spirit needs - purpose, a reason for being. It needs to belong, to be loved and to live a life of meaning, integrity and benevolence if it is to discover and honour its purpose. It is by living a life based on these values that sustainable happiness, a happiness from within, can be found. This is what is meant by honouring one’s heart.

The mind needs - peace, love, clarity, structure, achievable goals and objectives. It needs a clear vision/mission statement to enable it to rise up and meet life’s challenges with courage and confidence. It also needs a balance between silent reflection and positive stimulation, in order to live a life of ‘mindfulness’ and find pleasure beyond the pull of the senses.

The body needs - to ensure its own survival in order that it can fulfil all the demands placed on it. It needs the highest forms of physical energy (food free from toxicity), relaxation, sleep, exercise, detoxification, pampering, hydration and quality nutrition. Only then can its genetic potential be fulfilled and the negative consequences of deficiency avoided. It is from this position of balance and poise that the body is able to fully support the mind and spirit

The story of health is also the story of disease, they are in fact opposite sides of the same coin. This diagram is an attempt to help the reader understand the dynamics of the self. The primary elements of the self are: Mind, Body and Spirit, and they each have their own role and functions and a deep subtle relationship to each other. All 3 interface with the environment (represented by the circle) setting up the drama we call life. Under each of the four headings are listed some of their primary needs and how they can be attained. This is not a definitive list by any means but it does help to explain or to help us understand what is needed to transform things within each aspect of the self, thereby restoring physical and/or mental health.

The equilateral triangle represents the ideal state of balance and harmony between all 3, a position where the pull and tension between mind, body and spirit is opposite and equal. This means all 3 are having all their needs met and as a result are happily performing their roles and the relationship with the environment is as it ought to be, free of conflict. The triangle illustrated by the dotted lines indicates a position where health has been compromised and there begins a journey of ‘dis-ease’. This is where the self no longer relates to all its parts in an equal and opposite way. The equal force created as a result of each one’s needs being met has been lost. This ‘dis-ease’ is often, in the first instance, set up by a tension between Mind and Body (see Persuading The Body... Matter Over Mind? link below) or by a loss of direction or purpose. This ‘dis-ease’ left unchecked will in time become disease either of a biological or psychological nature. If the body pulls the mind away from its ideals, intentions and ambitions (as it strives to get its own needs met) then the mind loses its way and the spirit is lowered as a result of this tug of war. The mind’s pursuit for excellence and the fulfilment of its ambitions can also pull against the body so that the body’s needs are neglected and this imbalance causes biological tension and often ill health and also deflates the spirit. The spirit thrives on the feeling of being at one with itself, truly at peace, happy to its core, so when there is tension in the system it suffers and so does one’s health.

The lowering of spirit can manifest in different people in different ways e.g., stress, anxiety, panic, depression, phobias etc. The individual may well live in that psychological/emotional malaise for years, aware of their dysfunction yet feeling unable to change it. Equally the manifestations may be physical in nature eg: ulcers, I.B.S, lowering of one’s immune response (with the resulting health complications), central nervous system disorders etc…. These too may be spasmodic or become life long issues, depending on the individual response.

Neurosis could be described as losing the self, losing a sense of control over your life whilst being aware of that, yet feeling unable to halt the demise. Psychosis on the other hand is where the individual is so bound by despair, pain, hurt etc. that one’s sense of self seems to have evaporated. It is this almost total sense of disassociation that makes working with psychosis such an enormous challenge. To be so far removed from Spirit (ones sense of value and need for a purpose) is arguably the greatest sickness of them all. Physical illness, especially when it becomes chronic in nature, can also cause a severing of the connection with the self leading to a loss of spirit, a loss of hope.

All 3 elements (Mind/Body/Spirit) are equally important in the story of health as the illustration suggests, but it is Spirit and Mind that in an ideal world would be managing and maintaining balance and harmony within the self. However, without proper respect and attention to the body’s needs and to environmental factors it is extremely difficult through will alone to stem the tide of negativity. So in order to lift oneself out of neurosis or physical challenges/ill health and avoid the ‘trap door’ which leads to psychosis and/or chronic health issues we need to respond systematically, and creatively to our biological and environmental needs. Then the mind will be able to fulfil its highest ideals and ambitions and the spirit will rise up and be able to pursue a life of value, meaning and purpose.

(c) Reach : Story of Health

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our minds strong and clear”.
Buddha (563 BC – 483 BC)

More information on Persuading The Body... Matter Over Mind?
More information on The Story of Health

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Pillaton, Near Saltash, PL12

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Online counselling: No
Telephone counselling: Yes
Face to face counselling: Yes

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For individual work, I work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 10am - 6pm. Please do ring or email me to discuss your needs. For other services please contact me to discuss further.

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Young people
Older adults
Employee Assistance Programme

Supervision & training

As a Registered Integrative Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Coach & Trainer, I have many years experience supervising the work of colleagues (both qualified and trainees) in my mental health work. My First Class (Honours) BSc Degree in Health Studies includes a module in supervision.

Online supervision:No
Telephone supervision:Yes
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