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Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I’m a sex and relationship therapist. If you’re thinking about starting therapy at the moment, welcome. Finding the right therapist is an important step, and I hope you’ll be able to find the answers you need here. My specialisms are non-monogamy, gender, sexuality and kink.

Sex therapy

Sex is something that almost everyone has a relationship with, but a subject that we can struggle to talk about. As such, difficulties can arise when we experience issues in our sex lives, either with ourselves or with a partner. It can feel like things are out of our control, hopeless or that things can never change.

Starting sex therapy is the first step in challenging these beliefs; being open about your sexual issues, talking about sexual practices or behaviours that aren’t working for you, and pursuing the sexual experiences you want can transform the way that you feel about sex, and yourself.

My role as a sex therapist is to help you identify your sexually authentic self; the way you feel about sex, and the relationship you want to have with sex. I can help you process the past experiences that are affecting you, and move towards the kind of relationship you want with sex in the present.

Relationship therapy

In relationships, we often accept the status quo. We might believe how the relationship is now is the way it will always be, and the relationship won’t ever change. We might fall into unhealthy patterns, like keeping how we feel a secret to avoid an argument, or not talking about a problem because we think there isn’t a solution.

Relationship therapy is about learning to identify and communicate how you feel, and listening to a partner share their feelings. I believe that having the space to openly talk about how you’re feeling, and identifying the parts of the relationship that aren’t working for you can often help you to figure out how to move forward.

As a relationship therapist, my role is to help partners connect with each other. In therapy, I help partners improve their emotional, romantic and sexual intimacy through tools, exercises and above all, communication. I believe relationships can thrive when each person gives them the time and attention that they need, regardless of whether the relationship is a romantic, platonic or co-parenting one.

Having sex and relationship therapy is an investment in the future of your relationship. I can help you improve your relationship with yourself, or your relationship with a partner - whatever kind of relationship that might become.

Training, qualifications & experience

I trained with the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology (CICS), a two year course that qualified me to practice as a psychosexual and relationship therapist. I’m also a registered member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT).

I’m a pluralistic therapist, which means that I integrate models and tools from a range of schools of therapy and find what works best for you. It also means that we make decisions on interventions, exercises and treatment plans together, and have a continual dialogue about our relationship, and the direction that therapy is moving in.

I’m LGBT+, non-monogamy and kink positive. This means that I won’t pathologise you for who you are, how you practice relationships and how you have sex. I will respect the kind of relationships that you are in, your gender identity, your sexual orientation and your sexual preferences. I do not practice or condone conversion therapy.

Member organisations


College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists

COSRT is the UK’s leading membership organisation for therapists specialising in sexual and relationship issues.

All members must abide by their Code of Ethics and the performance of accredited members is regularly monitored.

Other areas of counselling I deal with

  • Vaginismus
  • Low desire
  • Genito-pelvic pain
  • Anorgasmia
  • Dyspareunia
  • Sexual aversion
  • Relationship aversion
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Masturbation
  • Orgasm
  • Non-monogamy
  • Polyamory
  • Kink
  • Fetish
  • BDSM
  • Sexual shame
  • Chemsex
  • Out of control sexual behaviour
  • Compulsive sexual behaviour
  • Issues with pornography/porn use
  • Performance anxiety
  • HIV diagnosis
  • Herpes diagnosis
  • Virginity
  • Sexual health
  • LGBT
  • Sexual orientation/sexuality
  • Transgender
  • Transition
  • Gender identity
  • Gender diversity
  • Sexual diversity
  • Relationship diversity
  • Couples counselling
  • Negotiating change in relationships
  • Communication difficulties
  • Co-parenting relationships
  • Issues with parenting
  • Mismatched sexual needs
  • Mixed relationship orientation
  • Intimacy
  • Increasing connection
  • Conflict management
  • Problem solving in relationships


From £50.00 to £60.00

Additional information

I work exclusively online, and offer telephone and Zoom sessions.

Phone consultation


This can be an opportunity for you to get to know me, discuss the issues you're facing, and what you're looking for from therapy. There is no obligation to begin therapy with me afterwards.

This initial phone consultation lasts 15 minutes.

Sex therapy


If you're struggling with a sexual issue, or you're finding it difficult to come to terms with a part of your identity, psychosexual therapy is for you.

These sessions last 50 minutes.

Relationship therapy


Relationship therapy is ideal for partners experiencing challenges, negotiating a change in their relationship, and those who are having difficulty communicating.

These sessions last 50 minutes.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

I work exclusively online, and offer telephone and Zoom sessions. I offer sessions Tuesday to Thursday, between 10 and 15:50.

Further information

My specialisms are non-monogamy, gender, sexuality and kink. I use the umbrella term GSRD to describe this, which stands for gender, sexuality and relationship diversity.


I am a non-monogamy affirming therapist. I often work with clients who are thinking about, negotiating or transitioning into a non-monogamous relationship. This could include polyamory, open relationships, swinging, triads, and other alternative relationship structures. I help clients and couples to identify what they want from a relationship, how to manage conflict and how to communicate in a healthy way. I also work with couples with differing relationship orientations.

Sexuality and gender

As a sex therapist, much of my work involves talking to clients about their sexuality, and their gender identity. With clients who are struggling with their sexuality, work will often include education around sexual orientation, as well as talking about their relationship to sex, attraction, desire and arousal. For clients thinking about their gender identity, work will often include education about gender, as well as trans, non-binary, fluid and non-conforming identities. We discuss their understanding of themselves, and what gender means to them.

Kink, fetish and BDSM

I am a kink-positive therapist. I often work with clients who are struggling to accept part of their sexual (or non-sexual) identity, and are experiencing shame around a kink or fetish, as well as clients who are attempting to explore or negotiate a kink or fetish with a partner. This can often include education around kink practices, as well as normalising kinks and fetishes for clients and couples. Most importantly, this work often includes communication; helping clients to openly communicate with themselves, and partners about their likes and dislikes.

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