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About me

Hello, my name is Henriette O’ Bryan. I am a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor working from GP surgeries and community centres in the Bridgwater, Somerset area with adults.  I will start with a few thank you notes from previous clients.


  • "You made me feel comfortable which allowed me to voice all the issues I had bottled up for a long time, it has changed me for the better and given me the ability to independently deal with problems." Client E

  • "You have helped me through tough times in the past months giving me greater understanding, strength and self-belief."  Anonymous Client

  • "The sessions I had with Henriette helped me to re-think my priorities and to put my worries and urges into perspective. I am now better my stress and my self-confidence levels are improving." Client P

  • "I can't thank you enough for listening and helping me see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I couldn't have done it without your compassion and understanding." Client E

  • "Thank you for helping me over the six weeks." Client B

  • "Can't thank you enough for all your support over the last two months." Client L

My Counselling Approach

As an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist my role is to get to know you so I can understand your dilemma “as if through your eyes”.  Two things are sure though: (1) there is always hope, no matter what you feel right now; and (2) we have no control over what other people will do or say.  The Only Person You have control over is You.

Counselling with me will make you feel accepted and respected as an individual without judgment for anything that you tell me.  The safe and confidential space provided is helpful to explore your view of what is making you unhappy. My therapeutic approach include psychodynamic, person-centred and cognitive behavioural therapies, relaxation and meditation which I will dip in and out of depending on what you want to explore or whether you are in a distressed state.

Studies show many physical and mental conditions can improve when we address the elements of stress and anxiety surrounding the conditions.  Sometimes we are even our own worst enemies by putting that pressure on ourselves out of fear of failure or rejection or for whatever other reason.

Furthermore, despite our modern lifestyles of being busy and feeling like we are on the go all the time, we can often feel isolated without being part of our community.  A lot of us also suffer from sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep patterns due to perhaps work or caring commitments or our never-ending lists of things to do including checking our gadgets all hours of the day and night.

Those 2 elements alone, social isolation and sleep deprivation are commonly known methods of torture which cause extreme physical and psychological distress. Just because it happens within the four walls of your home does not mean it is not causing you similar effects of torture.  Humans are social animals and being alone or living alone can cause severe distress – no matter how old we are.  Part of our sessions will therefore also cover social isolation and sleep patterns which are basic human needs we often deprive ourselves off.


My supervised practice experience since March 2016 included supporting male and female adults between the ages of 18-75+ experiencing problems related to abortion, anger, anxiety, bereavement, confidence, eating disorders (including the carer of the sufferer), fear, general low moods, general stress, lack of motivation, loss and grief, personal stress, relationship problems, self-esteem, sleeping problems, terminal illnesses mainly cancer and work-related stress due to bullying.

How you could benefit from Counselling or Psychotherapy

Often we can feel overwhelmed by anxiety and stress due to pressures in our lives or due the traumatic experiences which cause a loss in our lives such as:

·    Demanding pressures at work

·    Personal pressures to juggle things

·    Anxiety in social situations

·    Transitional life changes like bereavement, loss, menopause, retirement, emptynest

·    Expectations of others

Stress is ever-present in the background.  However, stress is not the cause of your distress, stress is a symptom of pressure.

·    Pressure is the cause; and

·    Stress the inability to cope with that pressure.

But, we cannot just get rid of pressure as it encourages humans to take risks to grow to their full potential.  Problems occur when the pressure becomes overwhelming without respite and we lack the right coping strategies to manage that.

Stressful situations can cause anxiety in many different ways. But again, the issue with anxiety is that ... due to evolution anxiety has a job to do so we cannot just get rid of it. The function of anxiety is to protect your survival. When you are faced with a threatening or stressful situation the amygdala in your lower brain or reptilian brain kicks in during what is commonly known as the "fight or flight response".

The fight or flight response starts a series of physiological and hormonal changes in your body to get it ready to fight the enemy or run away.  In suffering from an anxiety attack, this can cause several symptoms which can be painful and sometimes resemble a heart attack.  This can be very frightening for the person experiencing an episode of anxiety attack which can sometimes lead to social isolation for fear of experiencing such attack in front of other people.

The human brain does not differentiate between various types of stress, it only "reads" it as stress, which plays havoc with the body and its hormones. Modern stress like road rage, exam stress, never-emptying work in-trays and to-do-lists, worry, computer games, financial stress, to name a few have similar effects on how your body would get ready to fight a wild animal attacking you.  And to worsen the matter our sedentary lifestyles mean we do not get rid of the excess energy, adrenaline and blood sugar in our bloodstream to fight of wild animals in pre-historic times; it just circles around us causing initially physical discomfort, but in the long-term can lead to systemic medical conditions.

That is, in a nutshell how stress and anxiety can cause discomfort. But the good news is that anxiety and stress can be managed and I can support you in this process.

How I can help you

I provide individuals over 18 with a safe, confidential space to talk.  At times this safe space is for you to

  • find out “why” or “where your problems stem from” if that is what you feel you need to do; although there is evidence that such questions can worsen anyone suffering from depression.

  • explore your past or current thoughts, emotions and behaviours or to set future goals to make changes in your life or certain behaviours.

  • Whereas at other times you may just want to use to space “to be” if you have experienced emotional upheaval or a traumatic loss.

  • Professional counselling also provides opportunity to come to terms with your vulnerabilities and to clarify your understanding about - and coming to terms with - feelings of guilt, shame, sadness and anger.

  • Or perhaps, you are anxious or stressed about something that is going on in your life or have experienced a life transitional event and need to feel supported by a counsellor as you are living through this part of your life.  Such events include, for example the death of a loved one, injury that caused a lot of changes, relocation and feeling homesick or missing loved ones, loss of youth as in menopause or anything else that is specific to your situation.

The human mind and human behaviour are very complex issues and “not one counselling therapeutic approach fits all”.  Often our problems are exacerbated by our own belief systems, our cultural values, our society’s values and expectations as well as our own and other people’s expectations.  By exploring your beliefs and values in an honest and open way within the safe space of a non-judgmental person might possibly also give you a different view of what is causing your emotional suffering.

We will work at your own pace while I offer guidance and support to see yourself and your problem from different views and explore options and choices that may not be apparent at first sight.

Can counselling cause me harm?

Sometimes the counselling experience can be upsetting or sad when you talk about things from your past whereas other times what you talk about can perhaps make you feel angry.  I am an experienced counsellor and will not be offended or uncomfortable if you express  these normal human emotions.

Often clients can then think that counselling is not working as they are getting worse, but it is important to be committed to go back regularly as that is part of why regular sessions of support is required.

Training, qualifications & experience


  • I am an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society (NCS).
  • I am also registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office and, as such, am governed by the Data Protection Act 1998.  All clients' personal information (paper based and electronic) are stored in compliance with the requirements of this act.


I have studied Counselling to level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling over 4 years and now provide Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling from a combination of the following counselling and psychotherapy schools: Person-Centred, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Psychosynthesis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Psychodynamic as well as Guided Imagery, Meditation and Relaxation Therapy. I am also currently studying part-time for a Psychology Degree.  I have obtained the following Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates and qualifications related to mental, physical and spiritual health.

My holistic outlook of the mind-body-spirit connection has led to studies and qualifications representing those three areas. The emotional and psychological suffering from anxiety and stress suffered also affect physical body functions and spiritual well-being. In addition to studying Psychology currently, I also attend Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and In-House Training workshops to stay up to date with skills and theoretical approaches.

  • Anxiety: Understanding Anxiety – and managing it without drugs (CPD)
  • Awareness in Bereavement Care - The Cruse Bereavement Foundation Course for Working with Bereaved Adults.
  • Bereaved by Suicide (CPD)
  • Counselling Practice Level 4 Diploma
  • Counselling Skills and Reflective Practice Level 3
  • Counselling Skills and Working with Loss and Grief Level 2
  • Depression: How to break the Cycle of Depression (CPD)
  • Eating Disorders Training Day (CPD)
  • Gym Instructor Level 2
  • Herbalism Diploma
  • Meditation Diploma
  • Menofitness (fitness for women during and after their menopause - CPD)
  • Mental Health Awareness Module (CPD)
  • Mindfulness Workshop (In-house Training)
  • Nutrition Diploma
  • Reiki 1 & 2  -Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki
  • Safeguarding Module (In-house Training)
  • Sudden and Traumatic Death Module (CPD)
  • Suicide: Working with a Suicidal Client (In-house Training)
  • Tai Chi Bang Instructor Level 2
  • Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi for Exercise Instructors Level 2
  • Working in a time limited way module (CPD)


My supervised practice experience so far has included supporting male and female adults between the ages of 18-75+ experiencing problems related to abortion, anger, anxiety, bereavement, confidence, eating disorders (including the carer of the sufferer), fear, general low moods, general stress, lack of motivation, loss and grief, personal stress, relationship problems, self-esteem, sleeping problems, terminal illnesses mainly cancer and work-related stress due to bullying.

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Other areas of counselling I deal with

Cultural issues

Generally unhappy with your life

Illness and dying


  • FREE 30 minute Assessment - £0.00

  • 1 x STANDARD Counselling session (between 9:00 - 17:00) - £40.00

  • 6 x STANDARD Counselling Sessions (including 10% discount) - £216

I offer Short and Long Term Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions lasting 50 minutes to individual adults (over 18). Sessions are usually offered weekly on same weekday and time at/via:

  • GP surgeries/community centres in Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6
    Mondays - Thursdays between 9:00 - 17:00

How to pay for your session

  • Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer before the session.  Online payment system coming soon.

Further information

What Next?

At the time of writing this, there are over 100 experienced counsellors within a 15 mile radius of me listed on this directory with a range of different and excellent specialities.  This can make it very confusing to choose a counsellor.  If you are looking for your first counsellor I can understand that this may feel overwhelming as you want to choose the right person you can feel safe with.  This is a difficult thing to do when just looking at someone’s picture and read a bit about them on a website.

Anxiety and stress can often makes it difficult to make a firm decision, but if you have read this far I feel that you are committed to making a change in your situation.  If you want more information about me please visit my website www.SomersetCounsellingTherapy.co.uk.

When you feel ready to contact me I will be there to set up our initial FREE – assessment of 30 minutes with no obligation to continue.

Until then take a deep breath and be kind to yourself.

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Bridgwater, TA6

Type of session

Online counselling: No
Telephone counselling: No
Face to face counselling: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: Afrikaans


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Monday - Thursday 08:00 to 17:00

Types of client

Older adults