How Counselling Directory has worked for me ...

Mary Stack
25th January 2010

I first heard of Counselling Directory in October 2005 and I signed up in November. I’m not someone who spends hours on internet searches but I remember being very impressed by the information given about various types of distress and different approaches to counselling. I thought ‘these people know what they are on about’ as there are so many different ways of ‘doing counselling’ and it can be a minefield for an enquirer trying to find out what is right for them.

People might ask – ‘How easy is the service to use’. For me as a counsellor I would say that the website does the work for me. The fact that I can write a personal profile and upgrade it instantly is a huge bonus because I think I am able to give quite an immediate impression of what it might be like to meet me in my consulting room. Clients who come to me through Counselling Directory usually begin by saying something like ‘I liked what you said about yourself’. One client with whom I have been working for 18 months said she knew she wanted to work on trauma in the past and eating disorders and had difficulty in finding someone who worked with both until she read my profile.

I have found it useful, since May 2008 when you added to the statistics the average number of visitors to your website, to note that nearly every month I have received more than that average so I can monitor the efficiency of my profile. I find I have a steady flow of enquiries and have had an average of 7 clients a year over the last 3 years who I know have come through the directory. Nine have been in their 20’s; 8 in their 30’s; 2 in their 40’s and 3 in their 50’s.

For me as a counsellor it is very helpful to have the quarterly updates and suggestions as to how to present oneself to maximum advantage. For me this has meant adding that I have an interest in those who have had a boarding school education and also adding a photograph of myself. Without the reminders I may not have thought to do an update. I have currently enquired about posting an article which has already been published and have been pleased with the prompt and helpful response.

I would certainly recommend the Counselling Directory to a friend – in fact this has prompted me to do this today!

Thanks to the team for their drive and enthusiasm for this important function!

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How Counselling Directory has worked for me ...
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