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Start these daily habits for a major confidence boost

1. Stop comparing

Start these daily habits for a major confidence boost

You can’t compare what you are feeling to what emotions other people are displaying. You will never truly understand what’s going on beneath the surface. There are many people who look like they have everything together: a good family life, job they love and plenty of friends. Yet on the inside they may dislike the way they look, or are struggling with something else totally unknown. So before you check social media and think someone else has a better life because they constantly post all of the good things that are happening, remember that you don’t know what’s going on inside. You are fighting your own battle, so just focus on yourself.

2. Compliment yourself when you look in the mirror

Inner demons are difficult to challenge if you do not take small positive steps towards doing so. One of these steps could simply be to compliment yourself every time you look in the mirror. A lot of our time is spent criticising when starting a dialogue with ourselves, so this is a simple way to try and counter it.

It could be your new haircut, the colour of your eyes or your accomplishments from the previous day. There will be at least one thing you can find to compliment yourself about.

When you take that step to compliment yourself every time you pass a mirror, you should begin to notice self-confidence strengthening within you.

3. Accept where you are

Acceptance gives you the power to change. When you find peace with who you are, deep down and surrender to yourself, it gives you the opportunity to change. You can stop obsessing over the negatives and build upon the positives.

Acceptance means you aren’t resisting or constantly fighting your current self. By letting go of these small battles, we are able to create the change we seek.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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