Apps to reduce stress and promote calm

In the 2013 UK Wellbeing Survey, it was revealed that almost one in five people over the age of 16 showed symptoms of anxiety of depression. While we are now more aware of mental health, there is still much to be done.

Apps to promote calm

Anxiety can affect anyone, anywhere. Because of this, we have compiled a list of our favourite well-being apps that help to promote some peace when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.


Download it: Free on Android and iOS

Calm is a simple meditation app, perfect for on-the-go. The app has a library of over 25 calming sounds, including rain on leaves and a crackling fireplace. You can scroll through the sounds until you find your perfect background soundtrack. It also comes with a selection of free meditation routines that can help set your mind at ease.


Download it: Free on Android and iOS

Colouring books have grown in popularity this year. They are great when you’re at home, treating yourself to an evening of self-care and relaxation. However, they aren’t the easiest to carry around with you. Fortunately, Colorfy has plenty of free patterns and illustrations that you can colour during your morning commute.

Essence – Breathing Relaxation

Download it: £1.99 on iOS

When you’re feeling anxious, stressed or nervous, it can be difficult to control your breathing and stay calm. Essence is a breathing app with a minimal design that focuses on the 4-7-8 method, this helps you breathe deeply and regain regularity.


Download it: Free on Android and iOS

Pacifica is an app that seems to have it all. You are able to track your mood, set daily goals and join communities where you can chat with others and discuss what is on your mind. It is a simple app, but if you feel you have no one to talk to, discussing your feelings with others who understand you can help.


Download it: Free on Android and iOS

Headspace is an app that has grown in popularity. If you are interested in meditation, but are somewhat overwhelmed by the vast selection of information out there, this app is great. Headspace works in 10-minute moments, letting you understand the basics of meditation and develop your skills step by step. They also have one-time meditations, targeted for those moments when you need a step away from the world.

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Written by Ellen Hoggard

Content Manager and Digital Editor.

Written by Ellen Hoggard

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