Self-care tips

Self-care big part of maintaining physical and mental wellness – but what is it and how can you make it part of your routine?

Self-care tips

Essentially self-care is all about you taking care of yourself, mentally, spiritually and physically. This means engaging in activities that make you feel happy, connected and relaxed.

In today’s busy world, finding time for this can be difficult, as we prioritise work or even other people. If you’re struggling to practise self-care, the following tips may help:

Identify what activities make you feel best

Self-care is individual, so it’s important to find activities that make you feel great. For some people, spending time with others and nurturing relationships makes them feel better, for others some alone time to re-boot and switch-off is needed.

Schedule it in

Consider your self-care activities in the same way you would a doctor’s appointment. Add it to your calendar and set up reminders on your phone so you have no excuse not to allocate time for it.

Sneak it in when you can

If you find yourself struggling to find the time to carry out self-care, take every opportunity and fit it in when you can. This could be as simple as taking 10 minutes on a bus journey to breathe and clear your thoughts.

Look after your physical health

Being healthy physically will help you to reap the benefits emotionally. Eat mindfully and get plenty of exercise. Work this into your self-care routine daily.

Check in with yourself, often

Every now and then, check in with yourself and think about how you’re feeling. Are you feeling worn out? Are you working too much? What do you need to take away or add?

Remember, self-care is non-negotiable

Self-care is a necessity. As well as keeping you physically and mentally healthy, it ensures you have enough energy to care for others too.

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Written by Katherine Nicholls

Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Counselling Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine Nicholls

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