How to stay positive when the going gets tough

As the saying goes, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, but when you are in the midst of a difficult time in your life it can be very hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

You can recover from a broken heart

However, at times like these it is important to remember that the end of the tunnel does exist, and that there is hope. Ultimately it comes down to changing your way of thinking, and focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.

So to help you find a way to cope and feel stronger when the going gets tough, we have some tips below: 

Ask for, and accept help 

Keeping your problems secret and not reaching out to anyone for support will only make the situation worse. You may feel vulnerable opening up to others, but it is a crucial step in alleviating some of the struggle you may be experiencing. If you knew a friend or family member was suffering, you’d want to help, so try to view it that way. Asking for help doesn’t signify weakness – it shows honesty and strength.

Count your blessings 

Reflecting on the good things in life – such as your friends and family and all the things you are grateful for – can be uplifting during a time of struggle. Aim to keep a diary where you can jot down a gratitude list every night. This will help you to develop a more positive mindset, which will stay with you for the long-term.

Be kind to yourself 

During times of difficulty it can be easy to forget how to be happy. When you’re feeling down, make a conscious effort to do something you enjoy, such as going to the cinema, baking or watching an episode of Friends. This sounds fairly simple, but making time for your own happiness can be easily forgotten. So if you are feeling particularly stressed or down one day, find the courage to go off and indulge in some me time.

Stop the comparisons

Comparing your life with others is guaranteed to make you feel unhappy and feel less appreciative of what you have. The grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, but how much effort do you put into caring for your own grass? Focus on you and the good people and things in your life. Channel your energy into making the changes you’d like to see happen.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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