Being happy outside of a relationship

Christmas can bring with it a range of emotions, including loneliness – and for those of us without a significant other, this can be especially true. At a time of year meant to be celebrated with the ones we love, it can be easy to feel unhappy if we’re single.

Being happy outside of a relationship

The myth that one has to be in a loving relationship in order to be happy needs to be dispelled. Remember, being single is not a flaw and only you have the power to make yourself happy.

Below we look at some ways you can remain happy over the Christmas period:

Experience healthy and safe touch

Touch is a vital need for humans, making us feel happy and calm. When we’re not in a relationship, this can be overlooked. Try to make it a priority by taking part in activities that promote non-sexualised touch such as partner dancing, massage therapy and hugs from friends/family.

Spend time with your friends

Spending time with your friends will enliven you and help you feel more connected. Nurture these relationships by doing things you love with your friends and keeping in touch with phone calls.

Spend time with nature

Getting outside in the natural world is another way we can feel connected. Offering a sense of perspective, sometimes a quiet moment outside can transform our mood. Try to get outside for some wintry walks and really take in your surroundings.

Get creative

Creativity is an easy way to feel fulfilled. Feeling in touch with your ideas and expressing yourself will help you feel empowered. So whatever it is that you like to do that’s creative (painting, playing music, writing, knitting, baking etc.) now is a great time of year to get stuck in.

Be mindful

Christmas can often be overwhelming, and you may feel stressed or even anxious. To help combat this, try to remain mindful, focusing on the present moment during times of stress. To find out more about this technique, take a look at our dedicated mindfulness page.

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Written by Katherine Nicholls

Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Counselling Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine Nicholls

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