Dr Venetia Kotaki - Chartered Counselling Psychologist, HCPC Practitioner

Dr Venetia Kotaki - Chartered Counselling Psychologist, HCPC Practitioner

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About me

My name is Venetia Kotaki and I am a Doctor of Counselling Psychology. I also am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a Practitioner Psychologist registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). I have many years of experience of clinical practice in the NHS and in Private Sector organisations and I am available for face to face appointments in Clapham as well as for telephone and online counselling sessions.

I work with adults, couples and families and use a range of therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Therapies and Humanistic Therapies. I create an individualised treatment programme for each of my patients based on what they need and feel comfortable and taking into consideration what is proven to bring the fastest and most long lasting relief for their particular difficulty. I am experienced in helping people to resolve the majority of problems that cause emotional distress and discomfort including (but not limited to):

Services Offered

I also offer the following services:

I endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.

My Philosophy

From a young age, I have been interested in listening to people. Understanding and relating to others is key to helping them to find a resolution to what is troubling them and to improving their lives. My studies were natural choices for me: Social Work, Psychology, Counselling and Counselling Psychology. My journey reinforced what I always knew – helping people is more than just a career for me.

Therapy for me is a safe and confidential place where people can be themselves without the fear of being judged. It is also the place where they can feel listened to, understood, supported, contained and held even during their darkest moments. Moreover, it is the place where they can reflect, identify, challenge and change the ways they think, feel, behave and treat themselves and others. With the right attitude therapy can transform people’s lives.

My Approach

I am a highly experienced therapist who enjoys learning and being informed about the developments that take place in my field. My training and experience allows me to use a range of therapeutic approaches that I ensure are tailored to meet my patients’ specific needs and goals. My motto is “Where there is a problem there is also a solution”. Developing a trustworthy and robust relationship with my patients is of upmost importance as this is the foundation for therapy to succeed. I have a strong theoretical background and a substantial experience in practicing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Humanistic Therapy and Integrative Therapy. The choice of the therapeutic approach I use depends on the nature of my patients’ difficulties, the impact on their life and their goals.

My journey as a therapist involves clinical practice in NHS primary care settings where I provided psychological therapy to adults who experienced a wide range of mild to medium level of mental health problems, secondary care settings where I provided psychological therapy to adults who experienced complex, severe and enduring mental health problems, and in in-patient care settings where I worked therapeutically with acute psychiatric in-patients. I have a special interest in working with adults who experience depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, low self-esteem, anger management difficulties, relationship problems, work-related problems, changes and crises that occur throughout their life and bereavement.

My Motivation

Practising therapy is simply where my heart is. I care about my patients deeply and I endeavour to develop a warm, genuine, collaborative and strong relationship with them. The therapeutic process can either be short or long term and can at times be challenging. Therapy, however, has the power to hold people and enable them to do the work they need to move forwards.

A Little More About Me

I am moved that my patients trust me with their fears, their demons, their dreams, their hopes and their future. The responsibility I hold towards them is immense but it does not scare me. Instead, it motivates me to become better and better for them. Witnessing their change, seeing them flourishing and taking back the control for themselves and their life is my biggest reward.


I can offer treatment in either English or Greek as I am fluent in both.

Training, qualifications & experience

BA in Psychology, MSc in Counselling Studies, MSc in Counselling Psychology, PgDip in Counselling Psychology, DPsych in Counselling Psychology

Member organisations

Registered / Accredited



I offer everyone a Free of Charge Pre-Assessment Telephone Consultation of 20'.

Self Funded Treatment

The fees below are for a 50 minute face to face or online (Face Time / Skype) counselling session.
Sessions are weekly but as you begin to resolve your problem(s) the frequency of your sessions will reduce to fortnightly and then monthly. Three and six month follow up sessions are offered if appropriate.

  • Individual Therapy: £100 per session (face to face or online)
  • Couples Therapy: £120 per session (face to face or online)
  • Family Therapy: £140 per session (face to face only; this service is not available online)

Health Insurance

Most national and international Private Healthcare companies are accepted including (but not limited to):

  • Bupa
  • Axa
  • Cigna
  • Pru Health
  • Aviva
  • Simply Health
  • WPA

It may be possible to use your private health insurance to cover the cost or part of the cost of your appointments. Each healthcare provider (Bupa, Axa, Aviva, Cigna etc) have slightly different policies but most of them are happy for you to approach the therapist of your choice directly in the first instance.

Axa require a referral from a Psychiatrist in order to access your policy.

Bupa require a referral from your GP in order to access your policy. GP’s are often happy to provide a referral following a phone consultation instead of a traditional face to face appointment in the surgery as it is more time efficient.

With the above a quick call to your healthcare provider should allow them clarify these details.

It is worth noting that not all policies will cover the full cost of your treatment.

Some healthcare providers have fees which are different to my self funding rates detailed above. If these are less than my stated rate I have to ask that the shortfall is made up by the patient. Please just remember to inform me who your provider is as soon as possible to avoid any confusion when booking.

Further information

Recent Testimonials

“I first came to see Venetia after the death of my father and increasing levels of anxiety had led me to become very depressed. At that stage I felt unable to cope with day-to-day life. I had stopped working as I found it too stressful and felt that I could never do my job well enough. I was at a very low point. Working with Venetia, has helped me to return to an even keel and gain a fresh perspective on my life. The process we undertook has given me the tools to approach adversity and deal with the ups and downs that life throws up. Although ostensibly my life has not changed in any material sense, I am now able to enjoy the opportunities I have and face the adversities that come along. Venetia was a calm and supportive presence in my life enabling me to move on from a period of difficulty. Through her help, I feel confident that I have gained life- long skills that will continue to aid me in to the future”. Katherine W (Clapham, London)

“I had therapy before but anxiety kept recurring with a higher intensity every time. I was feeling despair, panic and physical exhaustion when I had my first session with Venetia. She helped me to understand my thought process and the impact it was having. She provided me with the techniques to challenge the negative thoughts and learn more helpful ways of thinking. Through our work together I have been able to bring balance and control to my life. Although negative thoughts can flare up at any time I now feel confident that I have the tools and mental strength to manage my emotions. Venetia was highly dedicated and had a genuine commitment and interest in helping me to find solutions. It was very apparent that she was doing a lot of work outside of the sessions to ensure our sessions remained personal and specifically targeted to my own ongoing treatment.” Patricia (Clapham, London)

“My husband and I came to see Venetia when we were at absolute crisis point in our marriage. We both felt committed to making it work but neither of us were at all able to see a way forward – to the point where we were unable to live together or spend very much more than an evening together without arguing. Venetia immediately helped us with practical advice, techniques and exercises to help us through that most difficult time. As we progressed we completely trusted her to develop a schedule of therapy for us as both a couple and individuals. We have found her approach very balanced and even handed – she is compassionate yet firm all in one. Without her guidance through this difficult time I struggle to see how we would have found a way through on our own – we are now back living together and looking forward to the future.” Catherine (Clapham, London)

“I came to see Venetia with anger and irritability issues stemming from behaviour I’d learnt as a child. With the CBT techniques and Venetia’s support I have been able to identify and challenge these thoughts and feelings to effectively communicate, without isolating myself. Previously, the anger was having an impact on my personal relationships, specifically with my boyfriend; now I have been able to re-connect and make new beginnings with the people who matter the most.” Jackie H (Clapham, London)

"My name is Louisa and I have been going to see Venetia for almost a year. At first I began therapy due to a crisis in my marriage. It was an extremely difficult time in my life and Venetia worked with my husband and me to identify issues which needed to be worked on and rebuild trust and communication skills which were lost (or perhaps we never had). The sessions were a combination of couple therapy and one-on-one therapy which I felt struck the right balance between couple time and 'me' time. The work that we are doing on our marriage has made a large positive impact on both our marriage and also our family overall. Venetia's techniques and practical application advice has been invaluable and her sensitivity and kindness to our situation have been consistent throughout the entire experience. After a few months, we moved onto Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for my single sessions to address personal issues which had been part of my psyche for years including stress, acute anxiety and fear. Although not completed yet, I believe that I am more in control and responsible for my own thoughts and emotions that I have ever been in my adult life. Life doesn't feel as overwhelming and my confidence in myself is growing every day. I have personally found CBT easy to understand and apply in my daily life and it helps me to make sense of my thoughts, feelings and actions.

Throughout the process I am acutely aware that part of the success of my therapy has been Venetia herself. The level of professionalism she exhibits in all aspects is extremely high and she is not afraid to be tough on me (or deliver tough messages) when I need it. Venetia shares with me practical advice that I can apply to situations or my days in general which is extremely helpful when I think I am lost or that I can't grasp a concept. At time when I am vulnerable and emotional, Venetia has been a source of support and kindness which I am truly grateful for. Although I began my therapy as a reaction to a situation, I now view it like going to the gym for my body - it is an important part of my life currently to exercise and develop my mind! I would highly recommend both CBT and Venetia." Louisa (Clapham, London)

"My wife and I went to see Venetia about a year ago after going through a very challenging time in our relationship. Our individual combined with the couple consultations helped us find back our communication skills within each other. Venetia is providing us new tools to be more confident in sharing our feelings, fears but also joys to allow us to reconnect in a positive and productive way. Seeing Venetia weekly is for me a way to recharge my "batteries" and allows me to reflect positively on the past events. This has been and still is a fantastic experience." Archie (Clapham, London)

“Working with Venetia has enabled me to gain a sense of self and to learn a set of techniques which, combined, allow me to catch and challenge unhelpful thought patterns about myself and my ability to cope with life. Previously, I was just in for the ride; sometimes washing up in a happy place and others in an angstful one without ever really knowing why. I now feel less stress and frustration and I have more confidence in myself and ability to deal with both the small and big challenges I encounter in my life.

Having previously tried therapy with mixed results, I was sceptical about being ‘just another number’ and felt uneasy about sharing my most personal thoughts. My misgivings were quickly put to rest by Venetia's humility, understanding and all round sense of care. Also, I liked the structured, logical approach of learning CBT and session format. Both followed patterns and I appreciated the predictability of the learning process. It felt as much like study as it did therapy. If I was feeling particularly high levels of stress and unable to focus on the CBT work, Venetia would pick up on this and we would have a less structured session - sometimes just talking through events, when necessary these sessions were a great help also. From this therapy - I wanted a ‘tool kit’ that I could use for years to come to stop anxious thoughts getting the upper hand. I very much think I have gained that from working with Venetia.” Michael (Clapham, London)

"Before engaging with therapy I was dealing with longstanding issues concerning the realities of maintaining relationships. I struggled to connect and communicate with family members. I found myself making poor choices with regards to choosing partners and I was unable to tend to the relationship thereafter. Therapy with Venetia has benefited me greatly. I was assured from the very beginning by her intelligence and warm nature and it was soon clear that I was working with a highly skilled practitioner. The results felt palpable as we continued through the sessions and my natural scepticism reseeded as I felt the work was always handled with integrity and that my personal development was held paramount. It was obvious to me that Venetia cares greatly about her work and that she takes great pride in helping her clients move forward towards a better understanding of themselves." Mark (Clapham, London)

"I first visited Venetia following a sudden illness, when she supported me to find helpful and practical ways to cope with my recovery. A big insight for me was learning that we often do cope with life’s ups and downs, but can be so caught up in the emotions of the moment that we don’t always see it that way. By teaching me to break problems down and look at them more realistically, Venetia has helped me to get things in perspective, and face problems and anxieties with greater emotional resilience for the future". Richard (Clapham, London)

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London, SW12

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Online counselling: Yes
Telephone counselling: No
Face to face counselling: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Counselling available in Greek too


Appointments available throughout the week, both daytime and evenings including Saturdays. Please call or e-mail to confirm my latest availability. Thank you.

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Older adults
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