PRISCILLA SHORT. Psychotherapist & Relationship Counsellor. BSc, MA, MBACP.

PRISCILLA SHORT. Psychotherapist & Relationship Counsellor.  BSc, MA, MBACP.



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About me

I'm a psychotherapist with many years of experience working with relationship issues and mental health. I work in private practice in London and North Norfolk. In the past I have worked in the NHS delivering IAPT services and also with Relate as a family and relationship counsellor. I am also involved with a number of schools to advise on how to deal with trauma and teenage mental health. As well as counselling, I am engaged in regular training and supervision as well as writing and lecturing on psychology and psychotherapy.

An area in which I specialise is in relationship issues with couples or individuals. You might be a couple who want to improve your communication or work on feelings of intimacy and closeness. Or maybe there has been an affair and your relationship is struggling to recover.  Or it may be you are finding it hard to recover from the end of a relationship or you want help in leaving a bad relationship. Or maybe you would love to be in a relationship and don't understand why this hasn't happened for you. Counselling can really help to work through these and other relationship issues.

Another area where I specialise is self-esteem.  I have a particular interest in helping high functioning individuals who are struggling with self esteem (i.e. you look to the rest of the world like you are coping and functioning well) . If this is you, then you may be finding it difficult to reveal your true self to friends and even partners for fear of rejection.  Despite your external veneer of success and/ or confidence, internally you are feeling unlovable and unworthy. Counselling really can help by addressing the issues of low self-esteem by developing a sense of positive self-worth.

I am also very experienced in working with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. If you are suffering with depression, sadness, low mood, anxiety or panic then it is encouraging to know that talking therapies have been shown to be at least (if not more) effective than medication. And the effects are more long lasting.

Gender issues: I have a wealth of experience of working with gender issues, particularly where these are affecting relationships and issues of sexuality. So if this is you then it's important to know that counselling can really help.

Sexual abuse: I work with many adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse as this is an issue that often affects our adult relationships. Sexual abuse almost always continues to contaminate our lives through its effect on our adult relationships. Counselling can help you to work through the legacy left by the terrible abuse that you have suffered.

Childhood neglect: Often therapy focusses on the traumas that have occurred and ignores the good things that should have happened but didn't. We can suffer terribly through having experienced as a child a lack of boundaries, love, security, guidance, nurture, compassion and so on. This can leave us feeling unlovable, insecure, or at fault when things go wrong. It can leave us vulnerable to substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, love addiction, excessive people pleasing, un-boundaried behaviour and so on. So if this is you then counselling can really help you understand your behaviour and find more life-affirming ways of managing the the difficult emotions that you experience as a result of missing out on emotional nurture as a child.

Core Qualifications:  I have a 1st class BSc in Psychology, an MA (Distinction) in relationship therapy and an MSc in Counselling Psychology. My qualifications are primarily in psychology which means that my training emphasis was on understanding and working with psychological processes (how the brain works, how our thinking influences behaviour, the impact of our childhood on later life, how trauma affects us and so on).  But my MA in relationship therapy means that I also have a deep understanding of how relationships work and so I’m able quite quickly to help people improve their existing relationship or address reasons why they might find relationships difficult.

Further training:  I have specific training in working with stress, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, sexual abuse, domestic and emotional abuse, gender issues (particularly the effect of transgender on couple relationships), sex addiction and suicidal ideation.

Testimonials:  Because word of mouth recommendations can be helpful, I’ve listed below some of the feedback from clients so you can see what they’ve got to say.  In many ways their testimony is much more important than what I tell you, as they’ve actually experienced the work we’ve done together.

Research: Research from my clients shows incredibly positive feedback, with the average rating being 9.5 out of 10 across all clients I have seen in the past 3 years. And I've also had the highest success rates for recovery from emotional distress amongst my colleagues in the IAPT service.

My approach to counseling:  In the first couple of sessions is to discuss the issues you want to address and do a bit of background exploration that helps me to understand these issues better - i.e. how long you have been experiencing issues, how troublesome they are, how much they are affecting your life, who else is affected by the issue, who else you know who is experiencing something similar, how isolated you feel etc.  Quite quickly we will decide together whether I am the right type of therapist to help you address these issues - if not then I'll do my best to refer you on.  We will then work together on a plan of counselling to work through the issues until you feel better and I build in regular reviews to the sessions so we check that things are heading in the right direction.  Some people find that just a few sessions (maybe 6-8) are enough to turn things around but sometimes clients prefer to work longer term in order to tackle deep and long-standing issues.

Contact  If you'd like to get in touch with me, either to book an appointment or to find out more, please click on the email link or call me on my mobile. I'm happy to chat on the phone about your situation although I'm usually busy with clients during the day and early evenings, so you may need to leave me a message, but I will always call back or respond to an email promptly.

Training, qualifications & experience

BSc Psychology (1st class hons)
MA in Counselling Psychology
MA in Relationship Therapy (Distinction)
IAPT (TCCR) training in depression

I've completed many topic specific trainings including:
- Mental Health (anxiety, depression)
- Adult survivors of sexual abuse
- Addiction
- Bereavement
- Child and adolescent psychotherapy
- Working with feelings of shame
- Domestic violence
- Sexual violence / rape
- Couples Counselling with Depression (where one or both partners suffer with depression)
- Trauma
- Suicide and suicidal ideation
- Sex / Love addiction
- Gender counselling

I am a member of
- BACP (British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists)
- AFT (Association of Family Therapists)
- BPS (British Psychological Society)

I have regular supervision and and bound by the guidelines for ethical practice for all three organisations listed above.

Member organisations


Accredited register membership


My fees are dependent on the time and location you select for your appointment and whether you are attending as an individual, couple or family. But as a guide they are as follows

London: £125-145

Norfolk: £60-65

In both Norfolk and London I hold several appointments at a reduced fee for those on low income, although there is usually a waiting list for these.

Further information

Below are some recent quotes from some of my clients at various stages of counselling.

Excerpt from a client email received 10th March 2017
I also wanted to say to you that what you told me yesterday about how to deal with a feeling/need is I think going to be one of the most useful pieces of advice I have ever been given by anybody! I tried it this morning first thing and it was brilliant. So, thank you. I was telling (name removed) in an e-mail yesterday about how terrific you are! Certainly helped me survive this last cr...y winter....

Post counselling questionnaire received February 2017
Six words that describe Priscilla are intuitive, respectful, encouraging, professional, realistic and informative. I found the counselling most helpful in giving me a forum to speak and be heard, to be guided to the underlying difficulties and shown that these needed to be addressed before anything else and to develop strategies to help me feel more positive about myself. I would 100% recommend Priscilla.

Email following a first appointment with a mum and her young son, January 2016
Though (name removed) was rather cross at the beginning of the appointment, by the time we left he was very positive and engaged with you which was very encouraging.  He is also positive about coming back to see you again.... We have been talking feelings iand he is continuing your rather brilliant approach of using the characters from Inside Out to express himself which is really helpful.

Post counselling questionnaire completed mid December 2016
Six words that describe Priscilla are understanding, guidance, insight, empathy / sympathetic, kind, problem solving. Counselling with Priscilla was an excellent investment and I would recommend her 10 out of 10. She has taught me to be true to myself, how to unburden my problems and to understand my emotions.

Post counselling questionnaire completed December 2016
Priscilla is very helpful and helped me get on so much. I would highly recommend anyone with relationship problems to see Priscilla as her help is priceless.

Post counselling questionnaire completed 6th December 2016
I have never had counselling before and found it to be hugely beneficial and very insightful. My counsellor, Priscilla was very professional, non-judgemental and able to offer many helpful techniques/ solutions. These sessions got me through a difficult period and back on my feet.

Post counselling questionnaire completed October 2016
I'd highly recommend Priscilla. She's very good and her job, very easy to open up to. She empathises with your situation, is very approachable..... carry on doing what you're doing Priscilla. Thank you for everything!

Post counselling questionnaire completed 24th August 2016
I would say Priscilla has a very high level of understanding and was able to put things into perspective, giving us lots to discuss after each session.

Post counselling questionnaire completed 4th August 2016
Excellent counsellor, very perceptive and an enormous help.

Text received 25th July 2016 (from a client after completing her course of counselling)
Thank you for your support and kindness. It means a great deal to me. You are a special lady!

Post counselling questionnaire completed 21st July 2016
I would definitely recommend Priscilla. I found her to be a non-judgemental, fair, frank and yet sensitive counsellor.... I wish that people would have this kind of counselling before things go wrong - ironic!

Post counselling questionnaire completed 3rd July 2016
Priscilla puts you at ease, listens and gives you the positive. She gives you acceptance of your situation and a step forward. As one half of a couple attending I found Priscilla very good with both of us.

Text received 28th June 2016
Thank you for everything.   You have been a great help.

Text received 28th June 2016 from a client who has just completed a course of counselling:
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to find me…. For the first time in months (maybe even years) I can say I feel happy again and I can also say I feel strong. This is priceless. Thank you. (name removed)

Email received 24th May 2016
Dear Priscilla. We would like to thank you for all your support and help over the past months . You have been truly inspirational and have exceeded all expectations. With sincere thanks and kindest regards. (name removed)

Text received 23rd May 2016
Hi Priscilla. Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I know I was very emotional but I'm sure you see that all the time. It's nice to talk to someone who 'gets me' and doesn't make me feel strange or stupid for my feelings. You're amazing at your job, thank you. (name removed)

Text received 12th May 2016
Thank you for todays session. As usual I feel that I am really getting somewhere although the left brain 'thinking' is definitely easier to work with than the 'right! (name removed)

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