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07982 841829

About me

Questioning something in your life or even just "a feeling or an anxiety or a low mood" leads you to these profiles. I offer patience and understanding, in a confidential safe secure environment. Each person is an individual. We can work on a specific issue, ranging from short term work on a specific problem to longer term exploring wider issues, at a pace that is guided by you.

I work with individuals or couples or family pairs eg father and son or mother and daughter

I work according to your needs.

The first step is an initial meeting between us

How we get along together has been proven to be the key factor in whether therapy will be helpful for you.

How do you know if you will feel comfortable?
How do we know if we can work together?
How do I know if I am the best person to help you?

I offer a reduced rate 50 minute initial session for £20 where we can meet for the first time,   I can listen to your story and you can ask any questions. Then we can see how we feel at the end of the session.   If you are still uncertain then we can meet for a second time, or I can suggest another counsellor to help you. I want to ensure that you find the best person to help you, even if that is not me.

Ongoing sessions

If we decide to meet regularly then sessions last 50 minutes and cost between £35 and £50 depending on your circumstances. We meet at a regular time each week.

What sort of Counsellor/Counselling approach should you expect from me?

I Listen. Listening can in itself be surprising, and helpful. I offer an equal, human, accepting, interested way of working. Sometimes a particular way a counsellor works may not be the most helpful way for you. An 'Integrative' approach means that I have been trained to be aware of several different ways of working.   Therefore I am able to adapt my approach according to how our sessions are going and most importantly according to you as an individual.

How is talking to a therapist different from to talking to a friend?

Therapy helps each person in a different way. No two people are the same.   If you ask a friend for help they may listen for a while but then (whilst meaning to help) they may then prescribe a solution. "What you need to do is this or that!".   Prescribing a solution may inadvertently shut down your opportunity to explore all of your options/feelings/impacts.   If you go back to the friend later with the same worries then they may listen for a shorter time and then say "I thought I told you to do this!".  

A therapist is trained to offer something different than the above scenario...perhaps we could say "to tolerate not having an immediate solution", but to keep on listening as you explore your sometimes uncertain/sometimes certain thoughts and feelings.

How does talking to a therapist actually help?

Well....this one is kind of hard to explain but one way of the many possible ways of describing this would be to say that "by working on (ie talking about) your inner world (ie our thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, concerns, history, present etc), the outer world (ie job, life, relationships, stress levels, hopes or hopelessness, issue of importance) will take care of itself.......

I still don't understand. Can you put that another way?

The issues in our life may or may not go away, but either way, their impact on us reduces. Lets say that when you start therapy you feel that "things/issues/problems" are on top of you (or bigger than you).   By coming along to therapy you will grow and become bigger than the "things" that at the start were bigger than you. So you end up being bigger than the "things/problems/issues"..... and so their impact on you reduces

Other possible ways that therapy may be able to help you

-Exploring choices and practical solutions to immediate problems
-Helping to make known, what is currently not known
-Helping to realise patterns of behaviour that may not be helpful to us now
-Helping to explore our current and past relationships
-Enabling you to get your needs met without denying the needs of others
-To learn to accept what can be changed and what needs to be accepted

Training, qualifications & experience

My belief is that three things contribute to the quality of the Therapist.

1) Quality of Counselling Training and Experience

Minster Centre training is particularly rigorous, challenging, and demanding in a practical/experience way, as well as academically. I have been a therapist with Oxford Mens Counselling Service for the last 4 years, and I have 5 years experience, as an Integrative Counsellor.

2) Therapists Experience as a client

Ten years experience as a client in therapy has given me a belief in the transformative potential of therapy, that can lead to powerful, substantial and lasting changes in how we are in the world. I have learnt that therapy is about unblocking/removing certain things, and accepting other parts of ourselves that we cannot change. I have experienced the wide range of emotions that can occur during therapy. I believe this therefore prepares and enables me to be able to help whatever comes up for you.

3) Therapists life Experience, and an ability to continually challenge, learn and grow

I have an interest in continual learning and inner exploration.

- "Embodying Theory" (year long course)
- "Elements of Shamanism": 6 month course (Eagles Wing College of Shamanic Medicine), which opened my eyes to confronting fear, nature, community, being in touch with my body, spirituality, the impact of our type of birth on our future life, and the connectedness of everything.
- "Grace and Chaos" (current year long course)

But what does all this mean? Will we be able to get along?

Your experience in therapy will depend on many things, such as what point you are at in your life, why you have come along, your overall personal circumstances, and importantly how you view or get along with the therapist. The best way to find this out is to come along for an initial session

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Other areas of counselling I deal with

Please contact me for advice or help with your issue.

I work with individuals and couples. Couples can be together or separating or can be father and son or mother and daughter (ie not just couples in romantic relationship)

I am particularly interested in the challenges facing men of any age as they try to find out who they really are, and about masculinity in general. How do we define ourselves as Men? Is it ok to be emotional? Is it ok to hug a friend? Where do I draw a boundary as a man in this relationship? How can I find the company of men without alcohol? Why do men have so much bad publicity?

Making a relationship work, Being a father, Spirituality, our own relationship with our bodies are further areas of interest.

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£20 for the first session for individuals (£40 for couple first sessions)

Ongoing sessions, £50 for a 50 minute session for individuals

Ongoing sessions, £60 for couples

Further information

To make an appointment you can either:

  • telephone: 07984 841 829
  • email me using the Red "Email Me" button at the top of my profile

I may not always be able to pick up if you ring, so please do leave a message.

I will get back to you as soon as I am available.

Maps & Directions

Oxford, OX3
Witney, OX28

Type of session

Online counselling: No
Telephone counselling: No
Face to face counselling: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Monday Afternoon/Evening in OX28/Witney Headington at other times

Types of client

Young people
Older adults