Amreeta Chapman/Aujayeb (MBACP, NCP,BSCH, GHR)

Amreeta  Chapman/Aujayeb (MBACP, NCP,BSCH, GHR)

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Market House
Denmark Street
RG40 1AP

Mind Garden Centre
56 London Street

0118 926 9978 / 0786 129 3634

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Market House
Denmark Street
RG40 1AP

Mind Garden Centre
56 London Street

0118 926 9978 / 0786 129 3634

About me

Counselling or Psychotherapy is sought out after many months or years of struggling with depression, anxiety,anger or other symptoms. No one likes admitting to having these problems and clients who come for counselling and psychotherapy have spent a lot of time and energy trying to make things work but they reach a point where either the body starts manifesting symptoms e.g. fatigue, lack of energy, focus, sleep issues, mood issues or else the symptoms they are suffering from is starting to damage their self respect or social /family life. For example, the relationship is getting more distant at home because of the depression, the children are being shouted at and called names as a displacement mechanism by the angry parent or else the avoidance techniques of the anxious person is creating isolation and loss of hope for a better future. That is when people will call for counselling and psychotherapy help and as a counsellor i know that first call is the most difficult call for that person suffering from depression or anxiety or anger which is why i offer you a half hour phone consultation to ask your questions about me, my way of working and your expectations, fears and hopes and then you are more equipped to make a decision for your therapy!

With 15 years' experience as a Psychologist working with domestic violence, sexual abuse and child abuse; with 10 years' experience as a Psychotherapist  (Initially trained in Psycho-analytical Model of therapy, then CBT/Integrative techniques and trained in Solution Focused Counselling in the last few years); and since last three years trained as a Psychotraumatologist (working with severe cases of sexual abuse, trauma, accidents survivors, Burns' survivors, being victims of crime, assault, rape, robbery and terror) Amreeta Chapman is in the field of counselling and Psychotherapy because she loves helping people shift from their problem states to their solution states and usually she works with clients on average 12-15 sessions to help them reach their goals..

Although she works with severe symptoms of trauma, bereavement, emotional abuse and PTSD. she also work with people who are suffering from anxiety, relationship issues, anger, depression and panic attacks. Her clients range from children to adults to old people so as a counsellor she could be working with six years old in parent-child relationship counselling and her next client can be a forty year old who has anxiety and is not sleeping well or having a social life.

My name is Amreeta and I originally come from Mauritius but have been living in England for over twelve years and trained in England to become a Counsellor and Integrative Therapist. I offer solution focused counseling in Reading, Wokingham and Woodley on most days and offer counselling and psychotherapy in ENGLISH, FRENCH AS WELL AS HINDI as I am lucky to be bilingual.

My clients are couples who have tried talking, fighting, and negotiating but find they cannot break the cycle; children and parents who are resisting each other and creating anger, tension and unhappiness in the house and at school; adults who are working but not relaxing enough at home; professionals who want more but fear clients come from all walks of life and they only have one thing in common:

They are not happy with where they are and wish for some one to show/train/help them find the way to their goals, be they, anger management, anxiety management, better sleep, happiness in their couple, understanding and peace at home, overcoming fears and phobias of social situations.....

I am always happy to discuss counselling and how it is more than just "talking therapies". I welcome your questions via mail or phone and will aim to answer within one working day.

I offer Skype Counselling for people overseas or finding berkshire too far to travel to...Please give me a call and we can look into availability and timings.

Training, qualifications & experience

B.A. (Psy), M.A. (CLINICAL Psy), Dip(Hyp), Practitioner (Hyp), Dip (Solution focused therapeutic counselling), PGDIP (Psychotramatology and PTSD).

With over 15 years' in the field of psychology and counselling and 10 years in private practice I work with severe trauma where clients will call suffering from flashbacks, food addictions, sleep deprivation due to depression or panic attacks as well as PTSD or severe anxiety.

My Clients are people from all backgrounds and different funtioning levels; some clients are fully functioning and just need help with anger or relationship issues while others are capable people but caught in depression and low self esteem and finding it difficult to move on with life...Emotions and emotional intelligence is often what therapy teaches and encourages people to develop so that they can manage work, relationships and themselves better.

I also work a lot with relationship issues in couples as well as family therapy where parents call because their child is not going to school, or bed wetting is a problem for their child who wants to do sleep overs, or else their adolescent is too aggressive at home and get in trouble at school!

I apply solution focused counselling which focuses on the client's present and future and stays focused to how to get the client reach their goals within an average of 12 sessions. More information available from my website

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Other areas of counselling I deal with

I am also trained as a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner since last ten years; my clients who choose hypnosis as their preferred form of therapy are willing to close their eyes and go under trance to work on those same issues that clients for counselling; some people wish for more control and some less and hypnotherapy clients are more comfortable with tools, techniques focused sessions where they have to work more in between sessions via CD, homeworks etc...counselling clients are usually more low or need more time to work at their own pace or else are not willing to close their eyes and go under trance.

My practice as a Hypnotherapist is different from my practice as a Psychotherapist/Counsellor; the knowledge overall helps me to provide a better, more informed session to my clients but i do not hypnotize in counselling sessions and i do not spend a whole session talking in hypnosis sessions; clients get the form of therapy they have asked for because i believe clients benefit and respond to the form of therapy they adapt with and have chosen by their free will.

Feel free to call me to discuss your needs and concerns....


Individual counselling sessions are £60 per session of an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

Couple/parent-child counselling are £65 per session of a hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

Concessions and reduced fees are considered for people with work issues, single parents, students or people who can prove their gennuine financial difficulties...

Further information

I am in Reading on Saturdays between 9.00am till 2.00pm and Wednesdays 10.00am till 1.00pm.

I am in Wokingham on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 2.30pm till 9.00pm.

I am in Woodley on Fridays mornings or evenings as well (please note that I see clients at home in Woodley and it suits some clients because it is closer or because they can only do those days and cannot attend my clinic in Reading or Wokingham.)

I am available for phone and skype counselling on most other days apart from the above. we arrange a mutual convenient time and some clients change the timings every week because they travel but other clients maintain same timings; it is all negotiated and contracted before hand for our mutual benefits.

Maps & Directions

Wokingham, RG40 1AP
Reading, RG1 4SQ

Type of session

Online counselling: Yes
Telephone counselling: Yes
Face to face counselling: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: French, Hindi


Practice in Wokingham, Reading, woodley. Please see website for details of days/Times at each venue. For Skype/phone sessions do call to arrange times and days suitable for both parties.

Types of client

Young people
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