Kay Wnekowski BA Hons

Kay Wnekowski BA Hons

22 Higgs Lane
GU19 5DP

01276 470175 / 07766 761601

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22 Higgs Lane
GU19 5DP

01276 470175 / 07766 761601

About me

Bringing positive change to people's lives.

Are you looking for someone you can trust completely, who can support you and guide you through difficult times?
I'm a warm, friendly, straight talking, dependable and competent counsellor.
My approach to life is youthful and combined with the benefit of much rich life experience and a broad and varied toolkit, I have succeeded in helping many satisfied clients over my career in counselling.
People tell me I'm a strong woman who is dependable, reliable and above all compassionate.
I am a member of the BACP and hold a Degree and Diploma in Transactional Analysis Counselling and have attended many other trainings to boot.
Over the last 12 years I have accrued experience working both within private practice and within an NHS setting, working with a variety of issues.
I would describe myself as an Integrative and pragmatic counsellor, implementing the latest cutting edge skills and therapeutic tools with genuine warmth and compassion. My aim is always to help you resolve your issues and get your life back on track.
My tool kit comprises of Transactional Analysis ( a fantastic tool that will rapidly increase self awareness, help you to make sense of things in a whole new way, improve relationships in your life, enhance your communication skills and gently change the way you think, feel , behave and relate. )
I will also use my training, knowledge, experience and skills of C.B.T, (Recommended by N.I.C.E ) Motivational Enhancement therapy, Brief Solutions Focused Therapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy plus more besides. On the other hand, perhaps you would benefit from Life Coaching to help you make changes and achieve your goals. The great thing is that with such a diversity of tools I can help you to feel better, enjoy life more and move forward at a pace that feels right for you.
I especially find, that when clients come to counselling they also benefit from experiencing some Life Coaching towards the end of our work together. When the problems that brought them to counselling in the first place have been resolved, it seems important to have a new sense of purpose and direction.
People come to see me for a variety of reasons. Some feel stuck, some feel despair, others are are suffering with depression,health challenges, loneliness, anxiety, in need of anger management support, bereavement or relationship issues. Others, want to know how to change their situation, achieve more satisfaction, are interested in their own personal development, or just need support to help them achieve their goals or improve the quality of their lives.
Some clients want to explore their past, work through traumas and gain new perspectives.
Generally though, people come when a problem arises and their usual ways of coping in the world are no longer working; causing them to often feel depressed, anxious, scared , angry or out of control.
So, are you experiencing a problem in your life right now, no matter how difficult, hopeless or frustrating it feels, that I could support you with?
Or, perhaps you aspire to be on track to achieving your goals?
Perhaps you are facing a relationship issues or relationship breakdown, have been thrown by a major life event or other significant challenge?
Maybe you are experiencing difficulty managing emotions like anxiety, anger, depression, guilt, sadness or low mood or just not aware of feeling your feelings at all?
Whatever issue you are coping with right now, you can be assured that I will be with you every - step - of - the - way.
I can help you understand what's going on for you and support you to make changes that will leave you feeling empowered and able to face the world from a brand new perspective.
You are not alone and needn't struggle by yourself because together we can make a difference by 'clearing any weeds before planting flowers' instead.
I work both short term and long term for those clients who want to engage on a more deeply therapeutic level.
Imagine now, experiencing life on different terms, feeling understood, supported and able to find new ways of getting your needs met; making small changes quickly and easily, through using a whole variety of brand new skills and tools. Change is never easy but best experienced in small manageable, bite sized steps.
It is true, that a lot of very small changes that are relatively painless, still add up to a significant change, whatever that may be for you.
But, please feel reassured, that I will work quickly with you to put you at ease and establish an equal relationship, in which you will feel supported, significant, really listened to, therapeutically challenged in a way that will ease you out of those old patterns, unconditionally accepted and encouraged.
I will help you find new perspectives, even when you think there are none.
Your Self esteem and confidence will rise as a result and slowly you will be coached into gaining mastery over the aspects of your life that you didn't know were possible.
In describing my counselling style, I am warm, friendly, easy to connect with, caring, interested, positive, dependable, dynamic and direct.
I am committed to helping you achieve your very best outcome.
Needless to say, I also have a good sense of humour which sometimes brings a light touch to the work I do:-)
I have a private practise in Bagshot, Surrey, where I have a stunning consulting room with separate entrance, WC and dedicated phone line.
I would describe my consulting room as modern, spacious, clean, light, bright, luxurious, airy and very comfortable.
To help you decide whether to take the next step or not, why not read what other people have gained from their experience with me?
And then, take the first small step by emailing me with brief details of your situation or by picking up the phone to arrange an initial appointment.

Daytime / Evening rate: £45 per (one hour) session

Training, qualifications & experience

BA Hons Degree in Counselling using Transactional Analysis
Diploma (Metanoia Institute) in Counselling
Diploma in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified NLP Coach Practitioner
Diploma in CBT
CBT (for counsellors already trained within another modality)
Lightning Process practitioner
Practitioner training skills for Eating disorders
Breaking the Cycle of Depression
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Schema Therapy
Stress Solutions
Transforming aggression
Understanding Male and female difference
Motivational Enhancement therapy
How to lift Low Self Esteem and Build Confidence
Working with Personality Disorder
Working with Dual Diagnosis
EFT level 2 Practitioner
NVC Foundation training
Couples therapy - a practical masterclass
Also attended training on Schema Therapy, Al Pasoe therapy and working with internet porn addiction

Other areas of counselling I deal with

Lack of Motivation

Anger management




Feelings of being out of control /not in control

Self esteem- Changing and growing the way we think about ourselves

Sexual Trauma

Stress related health issues

Conflict Resolution/ anger management

Parent conflict/ Parenting support

Breaking negative patterns

Avoidance / Passivity


Support in making decisions

Explore your wants, needs and feelings

Internet addiction

Relationship break ups

Same sex relationships

New You -New Life

Social confidence

M.O.T your life

Family politics and conflict

Learning to love again

Communication issues

Relationship coaching

Healthy eating /weight management


Personal Development - Discover your identity

Affairs / Betrayal / Infidelity

Lack of intimacy

Health concerns

Relationship /dating problems

Low mood


Workplace issues

Divorce and separation

Affairs and betrayals


Getting back to work

Lifestyle challenges

Dating /  Being single again


Current Daytime /Evening Rate: £45 ( 1 hr)
couples counselling £55 (1 hr)

Further information

Testimonials (printed with kind permission)

"Thank you Kay for all your help and support.  Attending counselling has made me learn about myself and has given me the confidence to make positive changes in my life."


" You have been the most positive person I have ever met. Words can never be enough to show how thankful I am to you for everything you have done for me. No one has ever believed in me or understood me like you have"
Client L

"Thankyou for putting the sunshine back in my life."
Client D

"Thankyou from my heart for your guidance and wisdom. My time spent with you has given me a totally new and wholly positive outlook on my life."
Client J

"Kay tapped into my needs straight away. With her guidance and help I have taken back control of my life. I have learned to be strong, confident and assertive and I use the life skills I learned every day."
Client K

"From the first conversation with Kay I felt immediately at ease. I heard a caring, warm and confident person that I could connect with, something I find quite difficult to do on a private level. After 6months of attending counselling my belief that 'life is hard' has now changed to 'life is a challenge and you can only embrace it !' I now find that I have more realistic goals both short and long term, so thank you Kay for coaching me back onto the road of life!'

"Thank you again for all your support, kindness and generosity over the last year and months. You went way beyond the call of duty and I really appreciate everything."

"I feel extremely lucky to have found Kay. When we first met, I hated the word "counselling." But, over a period of time, Kay helped me to develop my inner confidence and re-write my negative beliefs created in my childhood. Not only that; Kay helped me to become much healthier by advising on better eating. Now, I get up earlier, eat well, exercise regularly and have much more energy to work harder at my job. Thank you Kay."

"I found Kay to be an extremely positive person with an enthusiasm for life which rubs off. After my sessions with her, I felt better equipped with lasting advice and techniques to cope with events and feelings."

"Having benefited from counselling in the past, I was confident that it would work again for me. The difference this time was Kay's approach- right from the start she provided me with a huge support structure and the tools to work through my problems but most importantly she made me feel that what I was feeling was important, she listened and respected me, never patronised me and has helped me move forward far quicker than I imagined. With Kay's help and expertise, I feel like 'me' again and I can give no greater compliment than that."

"Counselling has been a very powerful and worthwhile experience for me. I've found Kay to be extremely professional, positive, supportive, experienced and skillful. It has been hard work at times but I've learnt many skills that I can use to support myself in the future."

"Counselling can seem like the hardest thing in the world when you're not feeling at your best but by making a decision to start, you'll be making the first step to a better life.
I worked with Kay for 6 months and when I first met her, I was negative about everything and couldn't see a way through my troubled times. With Kay's help, guidance, expertise and understanding, she slowly but surely, showed me how to love and respect myself, how to be happy and not be afraid of life.
I now wake up every morning with a smile on my face, ready to face the day and my future is brighter than ever before.
If I had to recommend a counsellor/ therapist to anyone, Kay's name would be top of my list. She truly is inspirational and if you're prepared to work with her and work hard to get results, you'll be setting yourself up for a life - changing experience. And remember, you only get out what you put in!"

"Kay helped me through a really difficult part of my life. She was a refuge for me for those weeks. I enjoyed our sessions, even the difficult ones. I never felt rushed or pressurized. There has been a lasting (I hope) change in me. I am much more confident now. When I started counselling I had hoped for a magic wand to make all my problems vanish. What Kay gave me was a dirty great shovel to rebuild my life with. Counselling for me is about using that shovel to make lasting steady progress. It is seldom easy, but the work is worthwhile. Thanks Kay"

"Going to see a Counsellor is not necessarily easy. By actually making the first move you are already on your way to where it is you want to be. Thats a big step and sometimes the hardest one to take. Its not an admission of failure in fact it is the opposite.
Somehow Kay makes you find the answers. She wont give you the answers, but she will give you the support and push, you need, to enable you to make the discovery yourself and you will thank her for it."
Client E

"Before I came to counselling I was unsure what to expect, feeling extremely low about myself and my situation, I had experienced a lot of loss and like many hadn't had the happiest childhood, I went along feeling total despair and bewilderment but also immense relief that I had taken the step to get help.
From the first session Kay made me feel safe and ok, I was able to express myself my thoughts, feelings and experiences and wasn't judged or told I had done the wrong thing. Kay helped me see the reality of my situations and helped me to understand the bigger picture which contributed to those situations.
I was able to deal with the backlog of negative thoughts and emotions as well as process current situations in my life. I now feel better about myself and my life, Im surer of what I want and need and that I am the best person to make sure it happens. I am happy and looking forward, knowing with my new skills & understanding I will be able to handle what is thrown my way and maybe help others along the way but I know that Kay will always be there in the background if I need a little help.I cannot wait to live my life, its FAB!!"

"So, just a massive THANK YOU, I am so grateful to you for helping me and seeing me through to the other side with me emerging a better person.  You are an angel."
Client E

Thank you. You are definitely a star & I appreciate your help to make my star twinkle again too!
I have grown from your help; reinforced my sense of worth & I will remember your generosity of spirit for a long time to come.


"I found Kay on the internet and the first thing I noticed was her picture and how friendly she looked. When I first met Kay I felt really at ease and the room I sat in was warm and very cosy and I felt really relaxed. Kay is a great person and I didnt feel pressured into anything as it was all at my own pace. After leaving each session I always had things to think about and felt really positive. Kay always had a different perspective on things and I have learnt so much from her.

Thank you so much for giving me the tools that have made things so much easier to deal with. I am a different person now from our first meetings and feel a lot more confident and able to enjoy life to the full. "

"Kay will be able to make you see the bigger picture of all that influences you and what you are and will help you work through ways to manage or overcome things in a positive way. She will stick by you and help you through, even if you think you can not change your feelings or thought process."
Cl H

"I went to Kay after the birth of my daughter. I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about life and felt as though I couldnt cope. I had lost a lot of self confidence and felt isolated and alone. As a result relationships with my husband and friends felt strained. Kay has helped me to develop strategies to manage my anxiety. She helped me to understand myself far better and to adjust my expectations of life, myself and others so that they were more realistic. I now feel as though I am able to cope with my feelings of anxiety when they arise. I feel more at ease with myself and happy with life."

"Kay, thank you so much for all your help and guidance. By pointing out the paths available and convincing me to turn around when I`d reached a dead-end you have led me on a journey of self-discovery. By pointing out stuff others close to me had not realised or did not say, you made me stand back and question the way I think. You made me realise that two of my unhelpful behaviours: gambling on the internet & doing depression were both me looking for escape routes from the situations I found myself in life whether it be looking for excitement or feeling trapped in my job. By asking me to talk in an objective manner about the past you helped me face up to the fact that I had for a long time been scared of failure. By making me write down my thoughts every day you made me realise that I can act with self-discipline. By encouraging me to break down tasks and time into smaller units you made me feel proud of my achievements. I believe in myself again. The techniques you taught me will stay with me for life. Thank you."

"Kay's a warm listener with a quizzical sense of humour. She helped me challenge my assumptions that the best times were in the past -life's fun now. Thank you for 3 years of good sense and comfort. I shall miss you."
Cl A

"Whilst Kays professionalism is obvious from the outset, her caring nature ensures that one-to-one sessions are very relaxed. Sharing experiences with her is easy, sometimes sad, occasionally hilarious, but her advice always resounds long after the session. Im glad to have let Kay into my life."

"Counselling was very helpful for me as it got me through a very rough time in my life. I was going through a very difficult crisis in my relationship which was close to total breakdown. The continuous advise and support offered by you was a great help. I learnt about myself and my weaknesses and it helped me understand and value myself as I am much more. Thanks to all the hard work we achieved understanding, respect, trust and happiness again. I would strongly recommend counselling to anyone that recognises the need for it. Recognition of the need for help is the first positive step."

I underwent Couples Counselling on the brink of a complete breakdown in my relationship, over a six month period the sessions helped both myself and my partner come to terms with what had happened, recognise how much we meant to each other and how much we wanted to be together .. we are now planning our wedding and our future life together

Counselling with Kay has made a big difference to my life. Through learning new skills I have been able to control my anxiety, and take a more balanced view of my life and relationships. Ive also learned that I have the power to take positive action and make things change!

Thank you so much for your support and guidance over the past few months. I really feel that this experience has helped me in a way I never thought possible. You have helped me understand more about myself than I expected to and I would recommend your services to anyone. You're brilliant! I hope you continue to help others in the way you have helped me.

Thank you Kay for all your help and support.  Attending counselling has made me learn about myself and has given me the confidence to make positive changes in my life.

" Trust is so important to me- and Kay is so worthy of it. She challenges when appropriate, knocks you off your comfort zone and as a result, positive changes occur. Kay is a professional, deeply human, resourceful and very caring counsellor. Thank you Kay. "

"I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. I now have my sparkle back and get excited about things and am loving life - a far cry from the person who walked through your door thinking I was useless, no good and just wanted to stay in bed. Thank you for giving my sunshine back."

"I came seeking your help as a last resort and now wish it had been my first choice. Thank you for helping me see things as they are which has allowed me to move on with life and embrace the future - not fear it."

"Kay provided me with a safe environment in which to confront a few harsh realities about my life. Being able to do so has allowed me to move my life along from a particularly dark period. Her non-judgmental style, combined with a knack for asking just the right question, steered me to firstly recognise and then address, some behaviour patterns that I hadn’t appreciated had developed so insidiously within me.

With her practical and pragmatic suggestions of how to take a step at a time I was able to start changing the way I lead my life. Every time I left a session with Kay I would take time to let the experience sink in and to approach changing my life with confidence and optimism. I always left a session with something positive to do.

I can thoroughly recommend Kay to anyone who wants the circumstances of their life to change – she will be a great guide to help you move forwards."


"Thank you very much for everything you have done for me.

Coming to counselling was not an easy decision and I did not really know what to expect from the sessions but thanks to Kay’s warm and friendly approach everything seemed to be going fine from day one. She has helped me to understand more about myself, my feelings and emotions and I felt positively challenged by her to think and look for answers. She has enabled me to explore my identity, motivated and inspired me throughout my journey.



Thank you, Kay for being there for me in the darkest moment of my life. Thank you for all your support and advice. Your help made me realise that I should hold on and I am still here today.


"Kay, thank you for everything you have done for me. You have been my lifeline and have become more than I could have ever wished for. The lessons that you have helped me learn have turned my life around and will stay with me always. You will remain with me, my inner voice continuing to keep me on the right track."

Cl M

Kay has had an extremely positive effect on my life. She managed to turn me from a nervous, depressed and angry man into someone who can face the future with confidence and enthusiasm. Kay is very easy to talk to and extremely patient. After each session I would feel that I was making progress with my problems - she helped me see everything differently.
I would recommend her and her services to any of my loved ones, friends or complete strangers

huge hug kay x


"I am so glad I went to see Kay. Making contact for the first time was the hardest part but definitely worth it. Changing my underlying Core belief about myself is a massive thing and has had an effect on all areas of my life. Each change seems difficult to pin down but added together they have definitely set me on a more positive and enjoyable path through life, so thank you. Counselling is a big commitment but I would do it again in a flash and would recommend anyone considering meeting with Kay to do so too. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together and would have kept coming forever if I could have afforded to!!"


"Kay’s practical, objective yet ultimately caring approach helped me tremendously in dealing with the most painful period of my life. She is direct, open and extremely honest as well as highly skilled in encouraging you to look at issues from a different perspective.

"My sessions with her were at times emotional, often fascinating but always constructive. Whilst I hope to never be in a place where I need such services again, if I am I would return to her without hesitation."


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my counselling sessions with Kay! She has made me feel at ease and comfortable and has been extremely patient, listening to my worries and supporting me in dealing with my anxieties. I am a happier person for it! Thank you Kay !"

"Thank you so much Kay for your guidance, your energy, your wisdom and your kindness.You have shown me the way to embrace and enjoy life and helped me gain life skills that will stay with me forever. Thank you so much."
Cl E

Therapy with Kay has really helped me get the balance I needed back into my life

"I really cannot emphasis how much you have helped me and I am so grateful as without you I would not be as happy and content as I am. I will keep everything that you have taught me on board and I really do miss our sessions! Thank you for everything that you have done for me,"

"This card shows just one of the many lessons I have learnt in our time together. You have been so patient, caring and inspiring. You are amazing at what you do and I feel so lucky to have found you. Many, many thanks for helping me to become the person I always wanted to be."

Kay is an excellent therapist. From the start I felt she understood where I needed help to make the small steps to move forward in my life. I found her knowledge and techniques very thorough. The most useful tools were the homework/visual sheets that really stuck in my mind when making the decisions I needed to change my ways and stop repetitive patterns occurring. This aided me to move forward in my personal, work and marriage areas of my life. Thank you Kay for showing me the light and building confidence back into me. I look forward to reporting to you in the near future.

I have really enjoyed working with Kay and I have found that our counselling sessions were invaluable.  Kay creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere; providing supportive, patient and non-judgmental assistance.  Her sessions are incredibly engaging and informative, using a fantastic mixture of conversation and activities to explore and challenge my anxiety and panic.

Kay explored both the science of anxiety and my personal triggers; helping me to deconstruct and rationalise what had previously felt very overwhelming.  Kay then taught me how to challenge my fear using a variety of tools and techniques.  These effectively tackle the different elements of anxiety - from the initial thoughts through to the physical symptoms of panic.

As a result, I have a fantastic understanding of how important perception is: allowing me to re-frame my anxiety and beliefs in a new and constructive way.  I now have a far richer and more positive understanding of both myself and the wider world; allowing me to reclaim control over my life and to be far more independent. My confidence in my personal, professional and social life has grown immeasurably.  I am delighted to have gained invaluable skills and tools for life!

I have thoroughly enjoyed Kay’s counselling and would absolutely recommend it to others!


I came across Kay when my life was at it's lowest point to date. I was on a downward spiral with health scares coupled with severe anxiety which was affecting my quality of life, relationships and work.

Counselling was always something that didn't seem to fit with my beliefs, in that I couldn't see how just talking things through and using techniques could be of any benefit to myself.

I had also heard from numerous people that only the perceived 'crazy' should see a shrink. I had the belief that if I couldn't sort myself out, then no one could.

From the moment Kay opened the door and welcomed me in, I felt a connection and a rapport that I knew would be of huge benefit to me. I was quickly over my concerns and at all times I felt completely confident and relaxed about opening up and dealing with the subjects we discussed (which occasionally were quite painful). I was made to feel at ease, made to feel welcome and I found the whole experience a life changer.The balance was just right in our discussions and the techniques - although not obvious at first became so relevant and important that I will always take them with me. I was finally at a place where I had someone to help me, really listen and at the end of each session I was completely engaged and refocused for the week ahead.

I felt I was getting a friendly and helpful listener who knew how to offer help in a very professional manner and someone who made me think about what I was experiencing in a different way and from a different perspective. This encouraged me to challenge my thought processes and see things from different perspectives and not just focus on the negatives.

I wouldn't say this lightly but in the short time I have known Kay I feel she has changed my life, turned it around and put me back together. I feel I have a different outlook, am a better person and the demons are locked away.

I would just like to end this by saying a massive thank you to Kay on behalf of myself and my family and my loved ones!


"Kay has helped me realise a life I love. With issues of grief, my relationship and general low self worth - she provided a supportive, empowering and insightful framework from which I could heal at my pace.
Kay is very open to using various methods of therapy from traditional counselling to values analysis to hypnosis. All of which I benefited from.
Kay has a very compassionate, nurturing and positive approach And I would recommend Kay as a therapist if you need some extra support to guide you through a difficult time."


For further information and a lot more details please visit my website www.surreycounsellingservice.co.uk

Call, text or email me now for a convenient appointment on 01276 470175 0r 07766 761601 or kaywnekowski@hotmail.com
Or, why not email me with brief details of your issue and I will reply accordingly.

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Bagshot, GU19 5DP

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Online counselling: Yes
Telephone counselling: Yes
Face to face counselling: Yes

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Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


8 a.m - 8 p.m and Saturday a.m

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