Tracey Hally accredited with counselling society

Tracey Hally accredited with counselling society

Advanced Healing Centre
2 Church Street
NN16 0DJ


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Advanced Healing Centre
2 Church Street
NN16 0DJ


About me

Welcome. If you have logged onto this website I would imagine that you are contemplating seeking help for yourself or for someone else?

Are you struggling to cope with past or present issues and don't know which way to turn; you have tried talking to friends and family but in doing so they offer their opinion and that's not what you are looking for?

Making the first step to get help is very difficult for some people, and some feel embarrassed, weak and even stupid. Some of us think that our problems sound silly?

Does any of the above sound like you? If it does then you have already made the first step because you are looking for a counsellor who can help.

I understand that coming for counselling is a big decision and you may be nervous and that you may not be sure if it will help. Maybe it hasn't helped talking to other people.

Counselling is not like talking to your friends or family as you are not judged but you are heard - and that allows you to discover and experience your own emotions and feelings without prior judgement from others.

If you feel that the counselling I offer is right for you please do not hesitate to call me or alternatively send me an e-mail and I will respond. Counselling sessions can usually be arranged at a time to suit you.

Training, qualifications & experience

Basic counselling skills (Diploma)
Certificate in counselling skills.
Certificate in counselling Advanced
Diploma in counselling advanced
Experience with students especially within a college environment
Experienced in counselling employees especially with work related issues


£40per hour for a 50min session.
£50 for couples

Block Bookings of 6 Sessions £230.00 if paid in advance

Block Bookings of 6 Sessions (couples) £290.00 if paid in advance

Payment for the first and end sessionare required when attending the first session which will be £80. Payment then continues every week of £40 until your last session which will have already been payed on the first session.

I am accredited with the Counselling Society

I have phone off at weekends so if you leave a voicemail or alternatively email me on

Further information

Email address is I am a good listener, with a warm and friendly nature. I have a natural ability in making people feel comfortable and at ease, when they talk to me which allows clients to become trusting and open with me.

I initially contacted Tracey because my wife had left me and I was finding it very hard to deal with. I had already been down the doctors and medication route, but I felt I needed more. I started my sessions with an open mind, not really sure how it could help, because I'm part of a close family and have some great friends. But talking talking to someone who is totally distant from you and your life is completely different and I soon found it easy to open up to Tracey, and it soon became apparent that there was a lot more issues from my past that I hadn't dealt with, which had been causing many problems over the years. With the help of of Tracey I was able to put my past behind me and move on. There's a lot to be said for peace of mind.

My Testimonial Female aged 28
Id been thinking about going to counselling for years, but finally as I hit rock bottom and questioned the value of everything in my life and who I really was or was trying to be I decided that it was the right time in my life to do something for me. I had low self esteem, hated the way I looked, always wanted to please other people, never put myself first and wanted to feel loved and cared for all the time. Eventually after starting counselling, Tracey started to help me to turn things around. It was a place I could go every week, a whole hour to talk about myself and my problems and how I felt without other people judging me or forcing their opinions on me. Id never had that before. Tracey helped me to look at things from different perspectives and helped my to put patterns of behaviours and feeling together, from how I felt now and how Id felt in previous relationships, friendships and my childhood. I soon started to realise that the things I was feeling were not other peoples problems, but it was the way I felt about myself and the feelings I had inside. I had a number of techniques that I could use outside of the session that helped me to work things out for myself. After time, I started to become a happier and more confident person, started to realise how lucky I was to have all the people around me and I was an intelligent, beautiful and loyal person. This gave me the power to be the person that I had always wanted to be, the real me. As a result things have turned around completely and my relationship with the man I love is back on track and things are going really well in my life, work, family and friends. If I ever start to doubt any of these things I still have my box of tricks and techniques not to take that rollercoaster ride of emotions that made so unhappy before. I truly never thought I would be this happy, but I couldnt have done it without Tracey Thank you

My Testimonial

I am a 42 year old female with a husband and two children.  I have suffered from anxiety on and off since 2007 and have previously been on anti-depressants to help control these feelings.  As time went on I came off the tablets but it was clear that my anxiety hadnt gone and I was back to square one.  At the height of my problems I began to drink in the day time and was at times, completely out of control with my emotions. My personality began to change and it had an affect on my work colleagues who could see that I was suffering.  My supervisor suggested that I needed to see a counsellor and I realised that after 3 years of emotional turmoil she was right.

Before I met Tracey I wondered how I would begin to explain how I felt and how much I would reveal.  But on our first meeting I began to realise that I would be able to tell Tracey everything, she was easy to talk to, listened carefully and made me feel at ease.  As the weeks went by I talked about everything; my thoughts, feelings and emotions, something I should have done years before but wasnt able to.  Tracey helped me to identify the areas I needed help with and I was able to put back ups in place to keep my anxiety at bay.

Gradually I have begun to feel better and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Going to see a counsellor was definitely the right decision for me, I wont hesitate to go again in the future but fingers crossed I wont need to!

Maps & Directions

Kettering, NN16 0DJ

Type of session

Online counselling: Yes
Telephone counselling: Yes
Face to face counselling: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Evening appointments available

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