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87 Bushwood
E11 3BW

10 Oak Hill Crescent
Woodford Green

020 8257 0429 / 07870 104651

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87 Bushwood
E11 3BW

10 Oak Hill Crescent
Woodford Green

020 8257 0429 / 07870 104651

About me

Your potential for speedy recovery and emotional healing is much greater than you can imagine – be it depression, anxieties of all kinds, addictive behaviours, angers and much more.

Depression and Anxieties are my specialty and I will help you more reliably than either conventional counselling or the NHS. I also achieve lasting change for Addictions, Angers, Relationships and much more.

I have been practicing for over ten years and uniquely for a private practitioner, I keep evidence of my track record with every client - so I know that well over 85% of my clients will be significantly improved or completely recovered within four sessions.

Where I am: I have my full time practice at my home in Woodford Green IG8, 12 minutes walk from Highams Park overground station and a short cab ride from South Woodford tube station. There is unrestricted street parking.

Are you depressed and can I help you?

If you answer Yes to these questions – then I certainly can help you, quickly and reliably.

  • Are you mentally and emotionally exhausted?
  • Can you barely drag yourself out of bed in the morning?
  • Have you slept for ages, but in the morning you are not refreshed?
  • Is your self confidence low and hope disappearing?
  • Do you feel a burden on your family but know that you need something that they cannot give you?
  • Do you feel trapped in your head – unable to escape thoughts, projections and self obsessions that you know are ridiculous?
  • Finally, have you been to your GP, tried antidepressants or CBT and been disappointed. Also are you sick of all those tips and techniques – because however sensible they are, they just seem too hard.

My message to you is one of Hope. Contact me now. Look at my website. You will not be disappointed. My confident expectation is that you will be feeling lighter and more hopeful within a week or so.

Anxiety help for you now

Many people become so angry and frustrated with their anxiety because they know that the thoughts and fears they have are not rational. So they can be very hard on themselves which just makes the problem worse and they are reluctant to seek help.

Is that true for you? If so, then take heart. Your anxiety, however it manifests does not mean you are either crazy or weak willed. There is reliable help – whether you suffer from panic attacks, trauma, social anxieties, performance worries, phobias of all kinds or anxieties that are spreading out to large areas of your life.

Contact me today and begin to be feeling better before the week is out.

I offer Three Services

The URGENT Service – for Healing and Mending
Proven to help most of you and quickly too - for depression, anxieties and addictions of all kinds as well as angers, sleep and relationship problems

The SUPPORT Service – for Safely maintaining and Recovering
Continual support to deal with day to day problems and the issues that arise and to build resources and empowerment without the pressure for quick results

The MENTORING Service - for High Level Performance
Life coaching to achieve goals and lessons and training to enhance Wellbeing

For most people, counselling means unburdening yourself in a safe place with the hope that in time (and it can take a long time) issues will be resolved so that one can move on.  But it need not be like that.  In experienced hands with the right kind of knowledge and training, help and recovery from most mental and emotional issues can be much faster than you might suppose.

If you book to see me we will not spend sessions just talking about your problems and delving deep into your past.  But if you are desperate and want to feel better quickly and then stay well, you should think seriously about booking to see me. I have the necessary understandings, tools and experience (of over ten years).  I also have the hard evidence that I help most of my clients quickly.

To understand why I can make a difference so quickly and reliably, visit my website – the link is above. View the YouTube video below.

I am a therapist trained in the Human Givens.  Although still relatively new, it is already recognised and used in the NHS.  The source of your emotional distress will normally be identified quickly and then a range of techniques and insights will be used for their quick relief. These techniques come from many sources and include trance and hypnotherapy.  All are used appropriately as Human Givens is based on the very latest scientific understandings.

85 plus% of my clients experience improvement or full recovery within 4 sessions of counselling.  Almost uniquely for a private therapist, each client at every session completes a short form to indicate their emotional state over the previous week.  This evidence is the basis for my 85% improvement expectation.

My background is not typical for counsellors. I am 65 years old now and had a successful business career before training in the Human Givens - which was ten years ago. This means that I have never been exposed to any kind of counselling before my Human Givens training. This freshness and independence is I believe one reason why I am so effective.

I will not charge for our first session if you find it of no value or choose not to continue to see me.  I see clients at my home during weekdays, most evenings and if needed at weekends also.

Here are a selection of Inspiring Testimonials (many more on my website)

"I was desperate when I contacted Andrew. I had seen several "traditional" therapists,but none had ever suggested that there could be permanent help. That first session wiped away all of the pain of 35 plus years. I could not believe it. What a gift Andrew has. Sure, Human Givens is the wrapper around his service, but it is he that makes the difference."   Dylan

"Andrew has given me my life back.  He is the real thing. I liken him to an alchemist of the mind; His dross was my exhausted dysfunctional mind and in a totally grounded pragmatic manner, like a plumber unblocking a clogged up drain, he helped me to shift my perception and to put the light on." Michelle

"I had learnt to have little faith in the NHS to deliver! In contrast, my first meeting with Andrew was a wholly pleasurable experience. He and I developed a meaningful rapport and focused on the root causes of my mental health issues.  I now consider myself to be at last content with my inner self."  Scott

"When I left our session last week to go and get the train, the tubes were suspended as someone had thrown themself under a train at my home station. I was so shocked and felt a deep sadness and loss. I also felt very, very lucky to have found you, as it could have easily been me under that train." Rosanna

"You helped me so much in so many ways. I think I’ve only truly began to appreciate that fully now on reflection." Cris

"Without you, things would never have changed. I owe you so much and all that you have allowed me to achieve through setting me free. I am a success story (cannot believe that)." Amelia

"I can't really remember how bad I was when I first saw you but it all seems like a couple of years of a bad dream now." Nick

"I don't know quite what you did but you were the only professional I have ever seen that I wanted to come back and see again."  Helen

"I think I'm... free. The day after I last saw you...everything clicked, I felt this huge overwhelming relief and broke down in tears because there was light at the end of the tunnel. The binge eating has gone...I now let myself play games and enjoy friends around me instead of panicking that I'm not working...I feel amazing...the best I've felt in my whole adult (and teenage) life." Tyler

"You have given me so much that I want to give you something back as a testimonial that is a true reflection of this.  However, I only return to the exact same thought.  That is - that you have given me the most unexpected and powerful gift - you have given me back myself." Lucy

"I just wanted to say thank you profoundly for your work, help, and patience in getting me dug out in 3 to 4 short moves. It must take incredible mental strength, flexibility, and perception to do what you do. You are opening up a completely different way of thinking for me and I'm learning a great deal." Chris

"You have saved my life, quite literally.  I never thought I would ever feel like me again.  You have brought me back so quickly and safely. I wish you all the best with your work and the practice, especially the depression expertise.  You have an incredible talent." Hazel

"Andrew is an amazing Practitioner. Deep relaxation and hypnosis enabled me with his help to address my issues at a sub-conscious level. His patience, understanding and solution focused approach really encouraged me. Even when I could not understand what was going on, he had a way of exploring situations and being able to identify the causes of my difficulties." Natasha

"Andrew’s intuitive skills and profound knowledge of mental health sussed me out very quickly and put me back in touch with my own inner strength. That is his remarkable strength. I felt I could trust this man with understanding my depression, like nobody else had been able to, and I felt his positive drive would get me there. And it did."  Jo

Training, qualifications & experience

HG.Dip.P - the post graduate practitioner qualification in the Human Givens
MHGI - member of the Human Givens Institute
I also have the Advanced Post-Graduate Studies Certificate in Human Givens.
GQHP - on the General Hypnotherapy Register

I have been practising as a Human Givens counsellor for eight years now and as the approach is still new (dating from the late 1990s), I am one of the more experienced HG therapists.

Accreditation is with the Human Givens Institute.  I abide by the HGI code of ethics and am subject to HGI disciplinary and complaints procedures.
I am also a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

My Specialist Areas
Anxieties including around professional performance, depressions, PTSD, obsessive behaviours including eating disorders, loss of self confidence, addictions, anger and needs for meaning and redirection. Also stress reduction, the alleviation of physical symptoms of stress (e.g. chronic pain, IBS) and the resolution of personal and work problems.

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  • My Feelbetter Counselling Practice


My normal session fee is £80 - for around an hour. I do not clock watch and am flexible over the length of each session.
Concessions are always available - never will I refuse to see anyone on the basis of cost.
I will travel with prior arrangement. I hold CRB clearance.

And remember, the first session is free if you find that there is no benefit for you and you choose not to rebook a second session.

Further information

Andrew has a busy private practice, of over ten years.
Andrew’s book "The Depression Optimist" is an Amazon best seller.
Andrew was one of the original participants in the research of the Human Givens Foundation and continues to measure the progress of all his clients. He now has close to 1000 clients on his continually updated database. He therefore knows that over 85% experience improvement or full recovery within 4 sessions.
Andrew receives regular referrals from PTSD Resolution ( as a military trauma specialist. He has helped survivors of Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and the Falklands.
He will not charge for the first session if you find it of no value or choose not to continue to see Andrew.
Andrew sees clients at his home during weekdays, most evenings and if required at weekends also.
Andrew’s background is not typical. In his mid-sixties, he had a successful business career before training in the Human Givens - which was ten years ago.

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London, E11 3BW
Woodford Green, IG8 9PW

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Online counselling: Yes
Telephone counselling: Yes
Face to face counselling: Yes

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At my home during the week, most evenings and at weekends

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